Are Jack & Rebecca Divorced On 'This Is Us'? She's Married To Someone Else Now

The new NBC series This Is Us is starting to make a habit of giving viewers a big shocker at the end of each episode and while it has been an amazing ride so far, each little twist makes you think harder about the big picture of the show and the family that it's about. Like, are Jack and Rebecca divorced on This Is Us? In present day, we see Rebecca show up for a surprise visit at Randall's house, accompanied by Miguel, who the grandchildren call Grandpa like they've been doing it forever. But does that mean that Jack is simply out of the picture or did he die at some point and we just haven't seen that part of the story yet?

It's still hard to get over that older version of Rebecca, made up to appear around 30 years older than the woman we see in the flashbacks. But it's also clear that although we're watching the adult children navigate their lives, the past is just as important, and Rebecca is also a part of the present. But what happened to Jack on This Is Us? So far, we've only seen him in the flashbacks, being a kind of awesome dad that makes you sob during every episode, but where is he now?

Jack could have one of two fates at this point. Either he died, as it seems to be the case right now, or he and Rebecca divorced, she married his friend Miguel, and we simply haven't seen the older version of Jack just yet. Either way, though, it's almost too difficult to think of Rebecca and Jack not being together. At this point, they're like our parents and we all just want them to be together.

He Actually Died Years Ago

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

A popular theory floating around right now is that Jack died years ago, maybe before Randall, Kate, and Kevin were adults, but after their childhood. The evidence to this theory about Jack's fate on This Is Us ties to the wording and tiny clues dropped in every now and then. First, we were given a look into the not-so-idyllic moments of Jack and Rebecca, as he drank too much and couldn't hold his alcohol anymore. So maybe that will lead to liver disease?

At one point, Kate also told Kevin, "Remember what Dad used to say?", which is obviously a way you would refer to someone no longer around. And the very first episode of the series, which is also Jack's birthday, none of the adult children make it a point to call him.

Jack And Rebecca Got Divorced

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Mostly, let's just hope this is true, because the thought of Jack dying, after seeing him with the kids in all of these flashbacks, is just way too devastating. Yes, this is the show to replace Parenthood with all of the heartwarming and heartbreaking moments, but can Jack not be dead on This Is Us, please? Instead, he and Rebecca could have gotten divorced long ago, and when Randall's daughters called Miguel Grandpa, it may have been because they see him as a grandfather figure as well, as with many families.

While neither of these options for Jack is one we can agree would work for us (Jack and Rebecca forever!), let's just hope that as the secrets begin to unfold even further, we learn that Jack and Rebecca are separated on This Is Us, because at least that's something much more bearable.