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Don't Expect Kailyn & Jenelle To Exchange Friendship Bracelets On 'Teen Mom 2'

The women of Teen Mom all know what it's like being young moms thrust into the public eye, which helped them form friendships on- and offscreen. But while Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry started off as buddies, their relationship has undergone some ups and downs over the years. So are Jenelle and Kailyn still friends on Teen Mom 2?

It doesn't look like they are, though they used to be quite close. On the show, Kailyn claimed that she had always stood up for Jenelle over the years and once bailed her out of jail. But when a friend asked her what caused them to drift apart, Kailyn didn't have an answer. Their relationship became increasingly tense over the years, to the point that Jenelle reacted dramatically to receiving a gift from Kailyn in the mail (to put it mildly).

Kailyn started a line of hair products called Pothead Haircare that got their name from the use of CBD oil in the formula. She sent Jenelle some of them as a "peace offering" (as she said on Twitter), but Jenelle did not accept the olive branch. Instead she set the olive branch on fire. So it doesn't look like this friendship is going to be mended any time soon. I mean, anything's possible, but fire feels pretty final.

Jenelle posted the video of her haircare cookout on Instagram with a "negative review" of Kailyn as the caption. She said that for years, Kailyn had been "super jealous and envious of all us girls on the show." She accused Kailyn of being mean and talking behind Jenelle's back to the tabloids about her and her husband, David. She also didn't appreciate that Kailyn apologized on and off while requesting apologies from Jenelle in return. She seemed to think Kailyn's gift was meant disingenuously, which was what offended her so much. "Stay out of my life, go worry about your own," Jenelle concluded.

Kailyn wasn't exactly surprised by the situation, telling Us Weekly that she "knew [Jenelle and David] would do this." Kailyn may have wanted to make peace with Jenelle, but she seemed aware that there was a good chance that attempt could be rebuffed — specifically with flames. Per Us Weekly, on the Watch With Us podcast, Kailyn said, "I actually said, too, I'm like, 'She's probably gonna use this for target practice or light it on fire.' But at that point, it was her gift so I wasn't really upset about it."

But with or without the fire, it doesn't look like there's the possibility for reconciliation between Kailyn and Jenelle. In the same interview, she said that while they were once close, she didn't think they'd ever get back there. Part of the problem was that Kailyn didn't want to associate with either Jenelle or David, saying, "They're both problems alone and they're also a problem together."

After that, Jenelle spoke to Us Weekly and shut the door on mending that particular friendship. She thought Kailyn was untrustworthy and not who she presented herself to be on social media. From the sounds of it, these two have no plans to put the past behind them. Kailyn and Jenelle's friendship is decidedly over.