Fans Think Joy-Anna Duggar Is Teasing A Big Move On Instagram

Counting On stars Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth welcomed their first son, Gideon, just nine months after they tied the knot in May 2017. And amid all of these major life changes, the couple renovated their first home together. Luckily, the home was finished by the time Gideon made his debut in February, and the parents have enjoyed their digs ever since. But on Monday, fans couldn't help but notice Duggar and Forsyth's home at the moment is none other than their RV camper. In light of the recent changes, viewers want to know whether Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth moving. It's a legitimate question, especially since Duggar teased an "update" is on the horizon.

All throughout Duggar's pregnancy, she and Forsyth worked tirelessly to finish their home renovations in time for Gideon's debut. The process was stressful, to put it mildly, and Forsyth opened up about the pressure in an episode of Counting On. "It hasn’t really hit me yet that we’re getting married in less than a month,” Forsyth shared, according to The Wrap. “It’s just really exciting. I think it drives me to want to work harder, too, thinking that this is our house, and we’re going to be living here and starting our family here.”

Forsyth also worried about the house's safety, telling TLC's cameras: “If the laminated beam doesn’t get installed properly, the roof could collapse, especially if we get some snow on it.” Yikes.

The good news is Forsyth and Duggar's home renovation project turned out beautifully. And when you consider how well the finished product ended up, it's not too surprising fans are wondering why the couple are now living in their old RV. Counting On sleuths picked up on the major detail after Duggar shared some new photos featuring baby Gideon and her living arrangements.

"So you sold your house?" one fan asked, according Instagram. "Looks like your in an RV."

"Did you sell your home?" another person inquired. "Looks like you are back in a RV? Baby is adorable! Love his eyes!"

"You're back in the rv," a commenter stated.

In response to all of the speculation, Duggar told fans: "We’ll be posting an update soon! 👏🏼 Yes, we are living in a camper!! And I love it!❤️"

Hmm, what could the update be? There are a few possibilities at play here. The most obvious explanation is the couple plans to buy and renovate a new home. Or there's a chance the two are in the midst of moving closer to Fort Rock Family camp, a Christian travel destination owned by Forsyth's family. Although the camp isn't too far away from the couple's home in Tontitown, Arkansas, it would be move convenient for the pair to live near the property as they often deliver speeches there.

Lastly, one has to wonder if Duggar and Forsyth plan to live in the RV permanently to save money. Duggar did admit to loving RV life, after all.

Out of all the possibilities, I'd wager the two are in the process of flipping another house. Considering Forsyth and Duggar put a lot of work (vaulted ceilings, open floor plan, etc.) into the property, I bet they could sell it for a pretty penny. And with the earnings from the sale, the couple could renovate a new house.

Either way, it's clear Forsyth and Duggar will be happy no matter where they end up. The two clearly adore their lives together, which bodes well for the future of their relationship. And hopefully, Duggar will spill the beans about their new plans sooner than later. There's no denying fans can't wait to find out what's going on.