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Kai Is Still One Step Ahead Of Everyone On 'AHS: Cult'

Now's about the time last season on American Horror Story where it was revealed that it was a show within another show. On Tuesday's episode of AHS: Cult, similar twists went down. Bebe, who was part of Valerie Solanas' cult, shows up to teach the women of Kai's cult that they should be the ones running things. But is she really the misandrist she claims to be? The end of the episode indicated something different. So are Kai and Bebe working together on AHS: Cult? The women killed Harrison, but it may have been a part of their plan all along.

Who is Bebe? She's played by the flawless Frances Conroy, and this was her first appearance this season. Bebe was Valerie Solanas' lover and cult follower — as far as I know, though, she's fictional. What's not fictional is what Solanas did in the first scene of the episode: she attempted to kill Andy Warhol. She wanted him to produce her play, and when he refused and lost the script, she decided to take it out on him. Solanas also authored the SCUM Manifesto (which stands for "Society for Cutting Up Men," in which she details that women are superior and men are the reason the world is so messed up.) But while she ended up shooting Warhol, she didn't kill him.

Ryan Murphy seemed to run with the real-life Solanas' beliefs in her manifesto; on Tuesday night's episode, Solanas was portrayed as a cult leader. She wanted to implement SCUM in real life, and enlisted a group of women (including Bebe) and a few willing gay men to carry out her plan. Not only did they murder people, but their crimes were attributed to the infamous Zodiac killer. The identity of the Zodiac killer remains unknown but I'm pretty sure it was not Valerie Solanas and a band of women... Murphy created an amazing theory, though.

Bebe's entrance on AHS: Cult coincides with Beverly getting tired of Kai's antics. She believes that Kai isn't using her to her full potential, and that she should have more control. Bebe discusses Valerie's beliefs and the murders they committed together. Together, they all read the SCUM Manifesto. Fueled by Kai's behavior and Meadow's death, they decide to kill Harrison. Kai told Winter he came up with the slogan "Men Lead, Women Bleed," so they kill and dismember him for his misogynist beliefs.

While Harrison begged for his life, he claimed he never said "Men Lead, Women Bleed." The cult women — Beverly, Ivy, and Winter — don't believe him, and carry out their plan. It's true that Harrison wasn't a nice guy (and he hated Meadow)... but could he be telling the truth? The final scene shows Kai watching Beverly's report on Harrison's death, and it turns out he's watching it with Bebe.

It seems that the two are in cahoots, so it's possible that Kai lied about Harrison in order to stir the women up. He and Bebe may have manipulated the women from the moment Bebe showed up. Was anything she said true? Was Valerie really a cult leader; was she really the Zodiac killer? I truly believed Bebe's story at first (even though it's not at all true in real life), but the last scene has me reeling. One thing I'm confused about, though, is why Kai would want a divide in his cult. Maybe he wants to get rid of the marginalized people in his group? But then why is Bebe there? I'm not sure where AHS: Cult is going at this point, but I already can't wait for next Tuesday's episode to see where we go from here.

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