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Kathryn & Thomas May Be Over For Good On 'Southern Charm'

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have had a difficult relationship that viewers watched play out over three seasons of Southern Charm. The couple seemed to be off as much as they were on, and things were made more complicated when they welcomed each of their two children: three year old Kensington and 18 month old St. Julien. But after all that back and forth — which included accusations, jealousy, and a lot of negative feelings — they eventually called it quits. But how are things between them now? Are Kathryn and Thomas together on Southern Charm?

Kathryn and Thomas are currently apart and it seems like that might be the final decision on the matter. However, even after splitting up, having two children to take care of still makes it difficult to navigate things. Thomas has primary custody of the children right now after Kathryn allegedly failed a drug test and went to rehab, but being with her kids is still at the top of Kathryn's list. In fact, when she told Bravo's The Daily Dish that she and Thomas were officially over, she said that having her children helped her realize that.

"I think what really motivated it was that I had Julien in November, and I had hoped that having two children, something would fall into place somehow, magically," Kathryn said. "[Thomas] was talking about marriage in the hospital. He really wanted to make it work. And then he just flipped a switch, changed, and I don't know. I kind of was just realizing my kids were more important than the way I feel about him romantically."

According to Kathryn, she lost sense of who she was while she and Thomas were together. Being back on her own gave her a chance to return to all the things she loved to do before, but it hasn't been the easiest journey. Both Kathryn and Thomas criticized each other openly on social media and in interviews, making co-parenting far from smooth. Their custody issues culminated in Thomas getting primary custody and Kathryn going to rehab, but it seems like the experience really did help her.

"You know, there's such a stigma around what I went through, and there shouldn't be," Kathryn told Entertainment Tonight. "What I went through wasn't just addressing drug, alcohol, whatever. It was more beneficial in, like, like skills. Honestly, in a way I feel like everyone should go to some type of rehab, because you just learn so much about people and like, and I think that's really been key in, like, resolving my own issues."

Things probably won't be smooth sailing between Kathryn and Thomas considering their history, but hopefully her new positive outlook will help them reach an arrangement that benefits them both.