After 'Teen Mom' Kayla & Steven Are Working On Their Relationship

After watching the various journeys of the young, new mothers on MTV’s new reality docu-series, Teen Mom Young and Pregnant, fans have found themselves emotionally invested in the women’s lives and struggles. One teen in particular, Kayla Sessler, had a pretty tumultuous relationship with her baby’s father, so since the finale aired a few weeks ago, people are understandably wondering, are Kayla and Stephan still together after the show? It looks like the two are still struggling to define their relationship.

In the Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Reunion special this week, Kayla revealed that her relationship with Stephan had ended, while Stephan insinuated that the two are still hooking up. When host Angela Simmons asked the two if they were still together, Stephan responded “Not officially,” with a smirk. And when Kayla was pressed on whether the two were still hooking up, she vaguely replied, “That’s between us.” When two people share a child, despite their differences, they are often forced to face each other on a regular basis, which is probably why it’s so easy to fall back in and out of a rocky relationship.

Throughout the debut season of Teen Mom Young and Pregnant, Kayla and Stephan’s relationship was consistently a rocky one. During the reunion special, Stephan revealed that he didn’t watch any of the show because he knew he was wrong on a lot of fronts. “I was being immature, you know, I was being scared, I was being reckless,” he admitted, adding that he cheated on Kayla “one serious time” which is what put a major toll on their relationship.

The most dramatic showdown, however, was between Stephan and Kayla’s mom, Jaime. Stephan had stolen money from Jaime, and when confronted about it, he unleashed an angry, disrespectful tirade against her. When Jaime joined the two on the reunion stage she revealed that Stephan had paid her back the money, but never apologized for the way he behaved. “I apologize for taking the money,” said Stephan, “but I’m not going to apologize for how I reacted.”

When Simmons asked Kayla about the drama between her mom and Stephan, Kayla responded, “I feel like I’m always in the middle of them two. So I really just want to stay out of it. They’re always putting me in the middle." She continued, "They’re both going to be in my life forever. That’s my mom. That’s my son’s father. So, I can’t get rid of them.”

At first, Stephan justified his behavior towards Jaime by saying she didn’t deserve his respect, but after hearing Jaime take back her criticism of him as a father, and then hearing Kayla’s concern over him holding their son Izaiah during his burst of anger towards her mother, Stephan seemed to soften up a little. “It’s kind of hard to be in my situation, and hear some stuff like that,” he admitted. “I am sorry for it, I’m not perfect, I’m far from it.” Realizing what the most important part of their dynamic was, Stephan went on to say that they were all just there to do what’s best for Izaiah.

So it looks like the drama between Jaime and Stephan is over, and it seems like Kayla and Stephan are trying their best to make things work as co-parents for the sake of their son. On her Instagram, Kayla posted a few pictures of the two on an aquarium outing with Izaiah, which shows that they’re putting in an effort.

Young love is always a roller coaster ride, but because there is a baby involved, I’m glad to hear the the two are taking the time to be productive parts of their child’s life.