Keith & Iris Are Going Strong On ‘Married At First Sight’

Of the four new couples on Season 9 of Married at First Sight, Keith and Iris seem to be one of the most promising match-ups. So far, it looks like they share a lot of the same values and ideals, along with a strong physical chemistry. But, it’s still early in their marriage, and fans are dying to know what happened with them since. So, are Keith and Iris still together after Married at First Sight?

As of now, there’s no definitive way to tell if the couple is still married or not. Both of their social media accounts are set to private, and they haven’t given any revealing interviews to the press. Fans will just have to watch through the season and wait until the season finale to see if they decide to stay together or get divorced.

Just in case you’re new to the premise of the series, here’s a little breakdown. After numerous ready-to-marry singles apply to the show, a panel of marriage experts (which includes a Pastor, sociologist, psychotherapist, and marriage counselor) use compatibility factors like appearance, age, location, and values to find a match. The singles then meet their perfect someone on the day of their wedding at the altar, and must decide right then and there if they want to get married.

When Keith and Iris met on their wedding day, they seemed thrilled about each other. “I don’t think I could be happier right now,” Keith tells his mom during the wedding. “She turned out to be much more than I expected.” Iris is equally as happy with Keith, as she gushes to her friends about how perfect and good looking he is.

As a couple, the two are a pretty strong pairing, at least on paper, which means they have a good change of making it work. In Episode 1, marriage counselor Dr. Viviana Coles explains why they make such a perfect match. “Iris and Keith could very well go the distance,” she says. “Because they both love to help others, they both have healthy communication skills, and positive family systems that support them. And because Iris has shared with us that she hasn’t had sexual intercourse, it was important for us experts to match her with someone who is kind, patient, and understanding.”

That last bit, about Iris being a virgin, seems to be the only issue the couple is facing so far. On their wedding night, Iris tells Keith she’s never had sex, and Keith tells her he appreciates ehr honesty. He also says that he won’t rush her, but after seeing the preview for the honeymoon episode, I think he might be losing his patience. “There’s questions that I have for her when it comes to intimacy,” Keith says in the clip. “How do you define sex and what does it mean to you?”

On a show like Married at First Sight, it’s hard to predict who will stay together and who won’t, so fans will just have to sit tight and see what happens in the finale. New episodes air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.