Keith & Kristine May Not Make It Work On 'Married At First Sight'

As one of the couples on Season 8 of Married At First Sight, Kristine and Keith have a long road ahead of them. They only have a few weeks to go from complete strangers to happily married couple, but there's always the chance they might call it quits when all is said and done. Fans curious about the outcome are sure to be wondering: are Kristine and Keith still together after Married At First Sight?

Unfortunately, there's no concrete way to figure that out ahead of the season finale, when Keith and Kristine will have to make their final decision. If Keith has any social media accounts, then they're difficult to track down; Kristine's Instagram is private, so it can't offer any hints about her life post-filming. There are no spoilers to uncover, so it looks like viewers will have to keep watching MAFS on Tuesdays on Lifetime if they want to get an answer.

However, there has been plenty of speculation about the fate of Kristine and Keith's marriage. E! News interviewed past MAFS cast members about the current crop of newlyweds, and Ashley Petta had some concerns about Kristine and Keith specifically. If she's right, then there could be trouble brewing for both of them.


When asked who she's keeping her eye on, Ashley said that Kristine and Keith worried her most. She pointed out that Kristine is admittedly picky and was looking for someone with an established career. Keith is a patient care technician who specializes in kidney dialysis, but it's possible he's not settled enough for Kristine to feel comfortable. Ashley hoped that Kristine would be able to overcome her qualms and lower her expectations.

But while Ashley was uncertain, Jephte Pierre had the exact opposite opinion in the very same interview. He thought that Kristine and Keith were a perfect match because she's a hard worker and he's managing to fulfill his personal dreams. Jephte believed they complemented each other. If past stars of the show are this conflicted about this pair, then it really could go either way. There's no predicting what might happen.

Fans have tried, though. Twitter user @MAFSFan captured a promo that featured the couples making their final decision — but only three of this year's four couples appeared in it. Because Kristine and Keith were missing, it led the user to theorize that perhaps they don't even make it to decision day. Maybe they decide to break up a lot earlier.

Another promo for the entire season shows Kristine remarking that she felt that Keith was acting like a child, not an adult. The circumstances of that declaration are unclear, but it does confirm that the rest of the season won't be smooth sailing for them.

It's still too early to know anything for sure, but it looks like Keith and Kristine will be going through a few rough patches as they adjust to married life. Whether or not they manage to work things out is one of Season 8's unanswered questions.

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