Are Lorelai & Luke Married In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival? The Trailer Raises Questions

It's official. We can formally begin the countdown until Nov. 25, 2016, when the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix is released. What's that? You've already been doing that? OK, same. Either way, the trailer for the much anticipated revival is here, and there is no doubt that it is going to leave you humming the trailer song, as well as asking a couple of important questions. For instance, are Lorelai and Luke married in the Gilmore Girls revival? The trailer certainly raises the question, since there isn't a ring on Lorelai's finger. Then again, this is Lorelai Gilmore we're talking about — one to never quite form to tradition.

In the first teaser trailer for the revival — when Rory and Lorelai were talking about Amy Schumer and John Oliver — fans noticed that there wasn't a ring on Lorelai's finger. While this wasn't anything too alarming, it was something to take notice of. Did this mean that Lorelai and Luke were not married? Did this just mean that Lorelai scoffed at tradition and chose to keep a wedding band as far away from her hand as possible? Or, did it just mean that this was a teaser and it wasn't as involved as some fans (read: me) wanted it to be?

Well, the new trailer (the full, two-plus minute one where we see the whole town again!) only furthers these theories about a potential marriage between Lorelai and Luke. In the trailer, Lorelai is sans ring. But, for some reason, that's not that upsetting or shocking to me. Lorelai is a free bird. She does what she wants, and doesn't really care what others think. If anyone said no to an engagement/wedding ring, it would be Lorelai (by way of Luke).

Something we do know from the trailer? Luke and Lorelai are very much together. Like, they're both wearing flannel plaid and cooking dinner together. This. Is. Huge. If you were worried about the ring, this should absolutely erase any qualms you may have had. (Then again, Lorelai seems to be questioning her happiness with Luke in the trailer, but I'm going to take that as a seasonal rut the couple is in... they're major endgame goals.)

There is no doubt that come November we'll have answers as to where our favorite relationships stand. There is no doubt we'll learn if Lorelai and Luke are married, and we'll hopefully see just how far their relationship has grown since we left them in Stars Hollow many years ago.