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Things Got Heated Between Lucious & Cookie On 'Empire'

It's hard to believe, but since this season of Empire began, Cookie and Lucious have even more beef than before. In addition to Cookie going to jail for Lucious — and the beginnings of their relationship that fans saw in flashback — Cookie now wants Lucious to step down as co-CEO and Lucious wants Cookie's boyfriend, Angelo, in prison. There's more drama between them, of course, but I'd be here all day listing it. On Wednesday's midseason premiere, the Cookie and Lucious plot thickened even more after a fight led to a steamy makeout session. So are Lucious and Cookie getting back together on Empire? The episode's ending makes me wonder.

To catch up since the winter finale: Cookie caved and gave Jamal pills so he wouldn't go into withdrawal before a performance, and she subsequently put him in rehab. Lucious blames Cookie for doing this, viewing it as her enabling his addiction, and tried to shame her about it when they went to visit Jamal. (Not cool, man.) Lucious also hates Cookie's boyfriend, Angelo, and wants to take him down. Then, near the end of the episode, Cookie implored Lucious to step down as co-CEO of Empire to let her run the show. She also wanted him to stop trying to get Angelo arrested for a manslaughter crime he committed years ago. (Honestly, Empire is more Shakespearean now than ever.)

Chuck Hodes/FOX

But what's maybe more Ross and Rachel than Shakespeare is Lucious and Cookie's relationship. OK, that's a huge stretch, but their "on and off again" is dizzying. Lucious should've known that Cookie wasn't kidding when she said she wanted to be the only CEO of Empire. She took a bat to the studio, and proceeded to tell Lucious all she had done for the company while destroying what he had built while she was behind bars: gold records, album covers, television screens. Cookie said that Lucious erased her from Empire, but it's clear she wouldn't take that anymore.

What did Lucious say in return? Well... nothing. With blood on his face from Cookie's tirade, they started making out. After a minute, though, Cookie stopped. "I said I was done with you... I meant that," she said as she walked away, but not before looking back at him. Will these two ever figure it out? Cookie may have said they're over, but that would not be the first time. It seems that no matter what, Lucious and Cookie always gravitate back towards each other. Does this mean they'll get back together for good? Angelo is still in the picture, and they also have their fiery working relationship.

Their history also doesn't bode well for them, so I can't say for sure. What I do know, though, is that they're definitely not over each other, so anything could happen.