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Lucious Has A New Muse On 'Empire'

Empire viewers would have a hard time finding a couple with as much history and strife as Cookie and Lucious. On Wednesday's episode, "Love Is A Smoke," the plot between them thickened even more (yes, it's possible). Firstly, Angelo wanted to propose to Cookie; in true Empire fashion, though, it didn't go as planned. What really made viewers gasp, though, was Lucious and Giuliana. The audience was able to see into their past... and they may have a few questions. Are Lucious and Giuliana together on Empire? They may have rekindled their previous relationship.

Giuliana was introduced in a seedy basement during the midseries premiere —where she murdered her husband. She suggested in a later episode that she not only knew Lucious, but they had such a relationship where he wrote songs for her. On Wednesday's episode, both of them played dumb when Giuliana came to Empire: "Lucious, you haven't changed a bit," she commented before the show flashed back to their first meeting. Lucious claimed that they met only once, long ago. As if anyone's believing that; Giuliana's hints, and those flashback to nights in her Las Vegas club, suggest otherwise.

Chuck Hodes/FOX

It's clear that Giuliana and Lucious have a history together that may be as twisted as that between him and Cookie. Giuliana claims she even killed her husband for him. Given their past, is there still a spark between them? Absolutely. Giuliana revealed what she did for Lucious — and he also burned bridges for her. It'd make sense that it would happen now that her husband is dead; she said it took her 15 years to get away from him. There's one person, though, that can stand in the way of them (well, besides everyone who wants them killed for their respective reasons): Cookie.

From what Lucious confesses to Cookie during the episode, he doesn't want their relationship to be over either. Perhaps he's just threatened by Angelo, but he said some strong statements when he found out Angelo was going to propose. "Whatever you and him got ain't nothing to what we had," Lucious said. By the end of the episode, though, it seemed that Cookie is far from his mind. He revealed that he wrote the song Tory Ash performed, "Crazy Crazy 4 U," for Giuliana. For now, Lucious and Giuliana are smitten, but this is Empire, where relationships can change with a song. Viewers will have to stay tuned to see if Lucious keeps writing them for Giuliana instead of Cookie.