Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Are Luke & Lorelai Together In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival? They Still Love Each Other

In the nine years since we last saw them, it looks like life has gone on in Stars Hollow, at least according to the Gilmore Girls revival trailer. While the show is as full of quips and processed sugar as ever, the girls are having troubles. For example, are Luke and Lorelai together in the Gilmore Girls revival? They definitely seem to be together for now, but it's possible that Lorelai is experiencing some classic Lorelai escapist symptoms.

In the trailer, Luke and Lorelai are fighting over food, holding hands, and kissing affectionately, which are all signs of a happy and stable relationship. But because nothing is ever perfect and even the most stable of relationships have problems, not everything is as great as it initially appears. At one point, Lorelai is seen saying to an unknown character, "We're happy. Luke and I are... happy." Her words say one thing, but her tone and that dreadful pause say another. Are they actually happy? Is this actually what Lorelai wants or is she after something more? While Lorelai has always loved the life she built for herself in Stars Hollow, it would definitely be within character for her to be itching for something more now that she owns her own successful inn. And what might this mean for her relationship with Luke?

Though they were broken up for most of Season 7, fans were relieved to see Luke and Lorelai sort of patch things up in the final episode of the series. Rory's love life is a constant fascination, of course, but Luke and Lorelai just belong together. At least, according to most die-hard Gilmore fans. After seven seasons of turbulence, most people just want to see them happy and together, having figured out how to weather all of their storms as a couple. TV audiences just want to believe in love, OK?

It's unclear from the trailer exactly who Lorelai is talking to. Could she be speaking to a therapist? It's possible, though the setting looks more like a living room than a therapist's office. Lorelai admits to this mystery person that she thought she knew where she was going, but that things these days seem "hazier." I don't know what exactly this means, or what it could mean for Luke and Lorelai as a whole, but I'll just be glad to see their adorable faces on my TV again. And I have to trust that Amy Sherman-Palladino wouldn't lead me on like that.