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Nick & Vanessa May Be 'Bachelor' Endgame

Vanessa Grimaldi started out this season of The Bachelor strong. Right from the get-go, she was clearly one to watch and one that Nick Viall was very interested in, given that he remarked that she was a "keeper" seconds after she first stepped out of the limo. Their bond only grew as the season progressed, and despite various ups and downs, many still consider her the frontrunner. With just one more episode left to go before Nick's final rose ceremony, Vanessa fans are fully prepared to see Nick choose her, but are Nick and Vanessa actually engaged on The Bachelor? There are a few very convincing clues out there, courtesy of social media snooping.

Vanessa got the last of the final three roses on Monday's episode of The Bachelor, when Nick picked her over Corinne Olympios. Though that might seem to put them on shaky and uncertain ground — and the promos for the next episode certainly don't dispel that feeling — it's been clear all along that Nick loves a challenge and appreciates Vanessa's unwillingness to make things easy on him. Personally, I'm pretty convinced that he'll choose her over Raven Gates and Rachel Lindsay. Vanessa just seems like a better longterm match for him.

To bolster my theory, here are a few pieces of evidence that Nick and Vanessa are, in fact, currently together and engaged post-filming.

Exhibit A: The Orange Couch

Both Nick and Vanessa shared Snapchats of themselves on what appears to be the same distinctive bright orange couch on the same weekend back in January. Coincidence? Maybe, but that seems highly unlikely, no?

Exhibit B: The Yellow Bracelet

Some eagle-eyed Buzzfeed readers shared with Buzzfeed's resident Bachelor expert that the Livestrong bracelet Nick seems to have been wearing all season isn't actually a Livestrong bracelet at all. They're pretty sure it's the yellow bracelet from his Zero-G date with Vanessa from way back in the season.

As per the other two above Instagram posts from Nick's account, he's been seen wearing it throughout the season's filming (it's on his wrist in the photo with Rachel) and after (when he went to the gym).

Exhibit C: The Maybe-Skype Screenshot

Many of Vanessa's Instagram followers (including me) are convinced that this is a screenshot from a Skype video call. And who else would she look that adorable and smiley for during a Skype session besides her new fiancé? (OK, well, really it could be anybody, but for the purposes of this list, I'm gonna go ahead and say she's definitely fresh off a Skype call with Nick here.)

While some of this evidence is certainly compelling, admittedly, none of it is definitive proof that Vanessa is the season winner. Viewers will just need to hang on throughout these final few weeks until the season ends and we all find out for sure who Nick chooses.