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Are Nick Viall & Jen Saviano Dating After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? They Have Chemistry

Nick Viall hasn't been doing so well on Bachelor in Paradise. Though he was interested in Amanda Stanton, she ended up falling for Nick's apparent nemesis Josh Murray, leaving Nick in the lurch when it came time for the rose ceremony. He ended up getting what was likely a producer mandated friendship rose from one of the twins so that he could continue his arduous journey for true love. And if the previews are anything to go by, it looks like Nick might finally find success with the soon to arrive Jen Saviano. But are Nick Viall and Jen Saviano dating after Bachelor in Paradise?

Rumor has it that they become one of the most solid couples of the season, but if they're still together now then they're keeping it up under wraps. Though they follow each other on social media (as most of the Bachelor Nation contestants do), they don't appear in each other's pictures or mentions. There are only two real outcomes considering they definitely get together on Bachelor in Paradise: either they broke up before the show ended, or they're still together but keeping it a secret because spoilers. According to Amanda, Nick has had his heart set on Jen since before the show began so it wouldn't be a surprise if the couple was still going strong (secretly).

It seems like Amanda was getting a lot of internet hate for moving on from Nick to Josh so quickly (as though dating was not the point of the show) so she took to her blog to explain that things hadn't been at all serious between them, in part because Nick was holding out for Jen. Amanda wrote that she met up with Nick before filming began and he told her that Jen was the reason he was considering the show in the first place.

He had told me he was considering going because he was interested in getting to know Jen Saviano [...]. He had also told the twins and Jubilee the same thing...that he was interested in Jen. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a BIG crush on Nick going into Paradise...but I knew how interested he was in Jen so I figured he was uninterested in me! I was pretty shocked when he asked me on a date...

If Nick has only had eyes for Jen from the very beginning, then it could mean good things for the couple in the long term. We'll have to wait and see just how their relationship plays out, but it looks like things are going to turn up for Ole Nick.