Are Nicole & Hayden From 'Big Brother' Still Together? The New Houseguest Is Single

It was a huge shock to Big Brother fans everywhere when four alums of the show returned on the Big Brother 18 premiere. Among them was Nicole Franzel, of Big Brother 16. On the show, Nicole played a solid game but was "sidetracked" by a boy, Hayden. With the resurgence of veterans, you may wonder if Nicole and Hayden from Big Brother 16 are still together. Well, on the premiere, we got an answer. Unfortunately, it's not good news for those that were shipping the couple.

During the premiere, Nicole — along with Da'Vonne, James, and Frank — popped out of luggage and revealed that they would be playing along with the brand new houseguests. Nicole revealed that last time she was on the house, she was distracted by a boy. While I wouldn't say that Nicole was "distracted", she certainly was sidetracked.

The boy in question is Hayden. Nicole and Hayden had the classic showmance during their season of the show. They even seemed to last beyond the show's finale. But, according to Nicole, the two are no longer together. In fact, Nicole said that she was "single," so let's pour one out for Haycole, shall we? (Haycole, being the second best showmance that season.)

This brings me to some interesting evidence to the case.

This photo, taken only a month before the premiere, shows the two together. While this doesn't prove that they're still together, it at least suggests that the two are still friends — so at least that's some consolation to the break-up blow we received on the premiere.

At the beginning of 2016, the two were still together, with Nicole calling Hayden her "boyfriend" another caption. So where did these two go wrong? Let's hope that they're still close friends and we'll hear more information as the show progresses this season.