Are Noel & Jenna Working Together On 'Pretty Little Liars'? They'll Definitely Team Up

Noel Kahn is back in Rosewood! The last time we saw Noel was back in Season 5 when it was revealed that Ali was blackmailing him to get him to help her. To this day we still don't know what secret Ali was holding over Noel's head but we do know whatever it is Noel wasn't happy that Ali knew about it. Fast forward to Season 7 and the first thing Noel does when he returns to Rosewood is join Sara and Jenna for lunch. There's no doubt that Noel will be working with Jenna and Sara on this season of Pretty Little Liars but the real question is why?

Noel has been gone for a very long time and it's interesting that the moment he decides to show up is right after Dr. Elliot Rollins (aka Archer Dunhill) dies. It's already been made clear that Jenna knew and probably was working with Archer, but is Noel a part of that too? Whether or not Noel was working with Archer or even knows about Archer remains unseen but it would make sense for Noel to be working with Jenna in some way. The two did use to date, and if Jenna's plan is to torture the Liars it wouldn't be all that surprising if Noel wants in.

With Noel, Jenna, and Sara back in Rosewood this could mean serious trouble for the liars. Not that they have blood on their hand they'll have to be extra careful to make sure they don't all end up in jail and with Jenna already sniffing around for Archer the Liars better watch their back. Although they were sure that it was Archer and Mary Drake that were texting them as A.D./Uber A, things don't seem so clear now. Just because this trio of Noel, Jenna, and Sara just made their way to town that doesn't mean they haven't played their own role in the plans of A.D.

If Archer was their ringleader that could explain why they've all come back to town now. With Archer out of the picture someone's going to have to take the reigns on the demise of the Liars. Surely, Noel, Jenna, and Sara are all up for the task.