Karine Says She's Ready To Be A Mom On 'Before The 90 Days'

As Paul and Karine get more serious on Before the 90 Days, Karine seems to want to accelerate her and Paul's relationship — she wants a baby. So, are Paul and Karine having a baby after 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days? Paul is a lot more hesitant about the idea.

In an episode of Before the 90 Days, Karine made her intentions clear to Paul, who is now living in Brazil with her. Not only does she want to get married, but she wants to have a baby. While communicating through a translation app, Paul brought up the issue that a marriage and a child are expensive and "very" expensive, respectively. Karine didn't want to hear it, though. She believes that a baby would solve their problems and that they wouldn't fight so much. C'mon, Karine, maybe that's true in some cases but not for the majority of couples. One study suggests that couples are as unhappy after their first child is born than after a death. I wouldn't go that far, but I definitely don't think having a baby is the answer to relationship problems.

But regardless of Paul's unwillingness — Karine still has her heart set on having a child. After their argument, Paul and Karine are seen living together in their own apartment. Karine, 21 years old to Paul's 34 years, has always lived with her parents up until this point. Judging by her lack of enthusiasm to clean and grocery shop, Paul doubts that she is ready to be a mother. Meanwhile, Karine said in a talking head that Paul is controlling and believes she's always wrong.

Not only does Paul have second thoughts about the couple having a baby; so does Paul's mom. During a video chat with his mother, Paul revealed Karine's plans to get married and have a kid together. Paul's mom doesn't even believe he and Karine are ready for marriage. She points out they've known each other for a short time and have to communicate heavily through a translation app. His mother also (astutely) brought up that Paul has "trust issues" towards Karine.

For a recap: Paul believed Karine was cheating on him with a man named Joe. As it turned out, though, that was far from the case. Joe and Karine did meet on Instagram and were talking, but Joe is gay and in a relationship himself; he was just sharing fitness tips! Regardless, Paul's mom believes this suggests some serious issues the pair need to work out before tying the knot.

Paul's concerns about Karine cheating was brought up on the August 19 episode of Before the 90 Days. Karine and Paul also had the "baby" conversation at that point, because Paul made her take a pregnancy test. Paul had an ex-girlfriend who became pregnant by someone else, so Paul wondered if that made him "paranoid" in some ways (ya think?). Karine took the pregnancy test even though she was offended by the whole thing — and I can't blame her at all — and it turned out negative.

It's clear from the latest episode, though, that she does want to have a baby with Paul. There's no indication that Karine is pregnant from Paul's Instagram (Karine seems to have gotten rid of her account), but he did post this tongue-in-cheek photo the night the episode aired:

The photo shows Karine with a baby doll. "Karine wanted a baby so I bought her a baby," the caption read. Paul then clarified that she gave the doll away for Christmas. There's no official word on whether Paul and Karine will be parents together just yet, but as of now they're not on the same page. Fans can keep watching this season of Before the 90 Days to see if that changes anytime soon.