Are Paulie & Zakiyah Still Together On 'Big Brother'? Their Showmance Has Seen Better Days

On Big Brother showmances are a common occurrence. When you trap 16 people in a house with no means of outside communication for weeks, relationships tend develop. Sometimes these showmances actually last outside of the house like with Nicole and Hayden of Season 16, but other times these showmances can blow up in the house, ruining people's game. That seems to be the case for Paulie and Zakiyah, popularly known as "Zaulie". These two seemed to be written in the stars at the start of the season, but now fans are wondering if Paulie and Zakiyah are still together on Big Brother... or is the honeymoon over?

In the past week or so, Zakiyah and Paulie have not been on the same page. Zakiyah has gotten jealous about the way Paulie treats other girls in the house while Paulie believes Zakiyah is being overdramatic and making the other girls in the house feel uncomfortable because of how territorial she is. On Wednesday night, the culmination of the tension between Zakiyah and Paulie finally blew up when Zakiyah suggested that Paulie sleep in the HOH room that night with Paul so he could have a good night's sleep. Paulie replied that he'd planned on doing that anyway with what Zakiyah felt was an attitude. Zakiyah then went to Michelle and explained how she felt Paulie was treating her unfairly and how they'd always been close before but now he was being so distant.

Unwilling to go to bed with their issues still unresolved, Zakiyah went up to the HOH room to talk to Paulie but he and Paul were already sleep. Realizing her mistake, Zakiyah ran away but Paulie was already up and thus they ended up having a huge fight with Michelle listening at the door. The two went back and forth not really listening to each other, with Zakiyah getting more and more upset. Afterwards Paulie decided that Zakiyah had to go and planned on making her his next target. This idea was solidified when Zakiyah tried to make up with him later and Zakiyah put out Paul's name as a possible target.

Choosing his boy, Paul, over Zakiyah, Paulie quickly told Paul what Zakiyah said, making her a clear target for next week. If Paulie has it his way he won't even have to end things with Zakiyah, he'll just send her home. Hopefully Zakiyah will realize what's happening before it's too late.