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Rue & Jules Have A Difficult Road Ahead Of Them On 'Euphoria'

Rue and Jules' relationship exists somewhere between romance and friendship on Euphoria. They're intensely devoted to each other but they don't seem to agree on exactly what's happening between them; Rue tells her mother they're involved, but Jules deflects when talking to her dad. That ambiguity has fans wondering where the future will take them. Are Rue and Jules end game, or is this relationship already on borrowed time?

While some fans are convinced that Rue and Jules will work it out against all odds, others aren't so sure. Reddit user BluBunny00062 thought that Jules' visible unease about their relationship in Episode 5 was a sign that she's "either straight or just not into Rue." The show has been pretty heavy-handed when it comes to foreshadowing a tragic end for the two of them. Rue's sponsor at her addiction support group repeatedly warns her about relying on Jules too much, because she'll be crushed when (not if) it ends.

And there's no denying that both girls are coming into this with a lot of baggage. Rue is an addict who may be fixating on Jules as just another facet of her addiction. Jules, meanwhile, first kissed Rue when she was seeking comfort after being blackmailed by Nate. That's not the most auspicious start to a relationship, and it's complicated by the fact that being Rue's port in the storm might be too much for Jules to handle. It's a heavy weight to carry, and she is only sixteen.


But "complicated" isn't necessarily a bad thing, and it doesn't mean that Rue and Jules are doomed to failure. In the same thread on Reddit, guest175906 pointed out that Jules might be uncomfortable because people keep attributing Rue's sobriety to her, which is a big responsibility. She may fear Rue relapsing if she does something wrong. This is also Jules' first serious relationship, which is a major step for her too. All of that adds to the pressure, but it doesn't mean Jules doesn't have real feelings for Rue. It just means there are a lot of external factors at play.

While talking to The Wrap, actress Hunter Schafer (who plays Jules) explained that she saw a lot of positives in Jules' relationship with Rue. She described their kiss as "such a beautiful moment for Jules," where she turns away from the toxic relationships she repeatedly has with men for something "meaningful and intimate" with her best friend. "And I think that's really exciting for how it might affect her vantage point on her own sexuality and sense of romance," Schafer concluded.

I don't know if Rue and Jules will be endgame. Euphoria's edgy aesthetic and dedication to darker topics makes a happy ending for any character feel like a distant dream. Both Rue and Jules have a lot going on, and I have no doubt that the issues in their relationship are going to come to a head sooner rather than later. But seeing how they deal with those problems will be the true indicator of their future together. If they work things out and come out of their rough spots stronger, then they could have a shot.

Some viewers might want to prepare themselves for the worst so they don't get too heartbroken, but I'm going to hope for the best instead. I'm rooting for these kids.