Stephanie & AJ Are Still Getting To Know Each Other On 'Married At First Sight'

Philadelphia natives Stephanie and AJ tied the knot on Season 8 of Married At First Sight. Like all of the other couples who have taken part in the series, they were complete strangers who allowed a group of experts to match them up. Their story is currently unfolding on the show, but are Stephanie and AJ still together after Married At First Sight?

Reality TV shows can have trouble keeping spoilers under wraps because their cast members are real people out living their lives even when the cameras aren't rolling. In this case, however, any and all spoilers about the future of Stephanie and AJ's marriage are completely locked down. Social media would be the best way to figure out what their lives are like after the show, but Stephanie doesn't appear to have any social media accounts. AJ has profiles on Instagram and Facebook, but his Instagram is private and his Facebook is empty of details or photos.

That means that the only way to find out what happens with Stephanie and AJ is to watch the show, which airs every Tuesday night on Lifetime. Their offscreen privacy means that there's no definitive way to determine if they stayed together after filming or not.

Only a few episodes have aired so far, so viewers have only seen the very beginning of AJ and Stephanie's relationship. But that hasn't stopped them from speculating and theorizing about the direction the marriage will go. And fans aren't so sure that these two are endgame. It's impossible for someone outside of a relationship to know everything that goes on within it (even when that relationship is broadcasted on television), but a few audiences members are uncertain about Stephanie and AJ being a perfect match.

On Reddit, user Red_Brick_Builder worried that Stephanie's comment about AJ's strong personality could be "foreshadowing trouble ahead." That was an idea echoed by fans on Twitter. Some users weren't sure if Stephanie and AJ would want to stay together longterm because their personalities didn't seem to mesh. AJ's boisterousness and Stephanie's more reserved nature could be a case of opposites attracting, but it could also mean they just aren't compatible.

However, at least one fan thought AJ and Stephanie were very cute together, so it seems this relationship does have its supporters. And when it's this early in the season, it could honestly go either way. Even if they do annoy each other initially, perhaps once they fall into a rhythm as a couple, issues like that will fall by the wayside. Stephanie and AJ are still getting to know each other, and it's possible they just haven't relaxed into the relationship yet.

There are still several more weeks to go on Married At First Sight. That means anything could happen. AJ and Stephanie could click together, but they could also decide that this marriage isn't right for them. By the end of the season, they'll have to decide if they want to stay together or not — but right now it's just too soon to call.

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