Courtney Waldrop Shares Every 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' Milestone On Social Media

Every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. on TLC, Sweet Home Sextuplets follows Courtney and Eric Waldrop as they adjust to being the parents of six newborns — as well as their three older boys. But if you're still curious about the family's daily life after the credits roll on an episode, then you might want to know if they have a presence on social media at all. Are the Waldrops from Sweet Home Sextuplets on Instagram?

They are indeed. The Waldrops have an account called gods_divine_nine, named for all nine of their kids: eldest son Saylor, twins Wales and Bridge, and sextuplets Rayne, Rivers, Rawlings, Tag, Blu, and Layke. The account has 140 posts so far, which include group shots of the sextuplets, solo photos of the babies, images of the family spending quality time together, and updates about each episode. Following the Waldrops on Instagram is a good way to keep track of everything going on with Sweet Home Sextuplets.

However, if other social media platforms are more your speed (or you just want to cover all your bases), then you can also find God's Divine Nine on Facebook. Having all those offscreen options will make the weekly wait between episodes just fly by.

The Waldrops' Instagram seems to be run primarily by mom Courtney, who accompanies episode reminders with quick captions about how she felt at the time of filming. Before Episode 2, which explored the sextuplets' birth and its immediate aftermath, Courtney wrote, "Tonight is the 2nd Episode!!! THE BABIES ARE HERE!!! Watch the delivery and our first NICU visit!!! Although I was sooooo out of it and my body was in complete shock I still remember the feeling of seeing all my babies for the first time like it was yesterday!!! It was an amazing BLESSING!!! [sic]"

She also shares the daily stresses of being a mom of nine, like getting all the babies to one of Wales and Bridge's football games, only to return hours later for one of Saylor's games. But Courtney seems to have an upbeat attitude, with something positive accompanying every relatable mom struggle. When two of the babies were able to hold their bottles on their own, Courtney cheered on Instagram: "I wished you could hear my yells of excitement as now TWO BABIES are holding their own bottle!!! Oh how the little things in my life right now are so very big!!! [sic]"

Though Season 1 of Sweet Home Sextuplets is still in the early days of the babies being home, they're currently just over nine months old. To celebrate the milestone, Courtney shared an individual picture of each one of the sextuplets, as well group photos that highlighted all the ways in which the kids look both similar and different. Though there are still plenty of episodes to go before the season concludes, social media can give viewers a hint at what's to come and how the babies are doing now. Fans won't miss a moment of the Waldrops growing up on Instagram.