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Tom Sandoval & Katie Get Into A Major Fight On 'Vanderpump Rules'

Relationships have always been contentious on Vanderpump Rules. Feuds can ignite at the drop of a wine glass, and they become especially complicated because so much of the cast still has to work together. The friendship between Toms Sandoval and Schwartz gets tricky because Sandoval and Schwartz' wife Katie Maloney got into a fight over the firing of DJ James Kennedy. So are Tom Sandoval and Katie still friends, or is this disagreement going to cause more problems down the line?

First, a brief reminder on what the fight was about in the first place: James body shamed Katie, which led to his being fired from his DJ job at SUR. Sandoval supported James and stayed friends with him, whereas Schwartz took his wife's side. Sandoval then invited James along on the group trip to Puerto Vallarta in the upcoming episode "Tom vs. Tom." Katie understandably took umbrage to this and tensions soon boiled over.

In a trailer for the episode made available on Bravo's website, viewers can see a few moments of Sandoval and Katie's intense fight. She calls him an a**hole and he declares that she's a bully. Seeming to mock her, he says, "I can say whatever the f**k I want to anybody, but if somebody calls me fat? I'm getting their a** f**king fired." Katie counters that James got himself fired, but she's very emotional by the end of the encounter.

This could be a tough one to overcome.

And it's difficult to determine whether or not Sandoval and Katie figured it out after filming concluded. Neither has much presence on the other's social media page, with nary a mention on Twitter or photo on Instagram to speak to their current relationship. Katie's 'gram is all about her husband and her gal pals, with SUR promotions sprinkled in amongst the group photos. Sandoval is much the same, but there isn't much crossover between them. Schwartz, however, posted a picture of himself and his business partner on Feb. 21, so it doesn't seem like this spat is going to cause TomTom's doors to close.

It's possible that the Toms have been able to maintain their working relationship despite everything that's gone down. They have a bar together, so they're going to have to cross paths while they're working there and when they're promoting it. But it's possible that Sandoval and Katie are keeping their distance from each other, especially since their social media doesn't indicate that they're currently besties.

Without seeing the episode, which airs Monday, Mar. 11 on Bravo, the status of Katie and Sandoval's friendship is uncertain. Perhaps they resolve everything by the end of "Tom vs. Tom" and there's no issue at all. Or maybe this is one of those feuds that lingers all the way up to the reunion special. Until viewers get to see what actually happened during their argument, figuring out the aftermath is just too tricky.

But even if things are uncomfortable now, Sandoval and Katie won't be able to be on bad terms forever. They have one very important person in common, and that may push them to resolve their differences before it gets too far.