John Fleenor/ABC

Whitney & Connor Had One Of The Sweetest Meet-Cutes On 'BiP'

This summer in Paradise has been the unofficial season of contestants running all over Mexico to track down their baes, and Whitney Fransway, from Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, was no exception. She tracked Connor Saeli all the way back to his hotel a mere 25 minutes after he'd self-eliminated from Paradise when she arrived at the eleventh hour to rescue him from his post-dump-slump. So are Whitney and Connor still together after Bachelor in Paradise? It's the question on everyone's mind after their ultra-romantic reunion.

Whitney and Connor first met at Krystal Neilson and Chris Randone's wedding, before either of them were contestants on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6. In fact, they started hitting it off at the reception, but Caelynn, who'd been dumped the day before, zeroed in on Connor as her last hope for love in Paradise. She actually pulled him away from Whitney to have their first chat, which aired during the wedding episode. Connor soon came to the beach, where he and Caelynn started dating, and that seemed to be the end of things with Whitney. Except then Caelynn's ex Dean returned to try and win her back. He succeeded, they rode off into the sunset together, and Connor was left all alone.

Having replaced Caelynn as the sad sack of Paradise, Connor moped around for a few days, admitting that the only other person he'd want to see on the beach was Whitney. But she never came. So, finally, fed up with his fate and sans Blake with whom to share touching bro-weeps, Connor simply decided to go home. Less than an hour later, Whitney appeared. Now, could producers have told Connor, "Just hold on a little longer, my dude. You never know who could show up at the last minute!"? Sure. But then viewers wouldn't have seen Whitney bummed out to discover Connor had left before she got the chance to offer him her date card.

Rather than pick over the last few unattached guys, Whitney decided to maintain some semblance of dignity and chase Connor down before he departed for good. When she finally did catch up with him, his sadboy frown turned upside down with the quickness and the pair were making out by sunset.

As for whether they've withstood the test of time, Connor offered up some pretty big hints with a pair of tweets he fired off as the episode aired. "It all worked out in the end," he wrote, later adding, "I was getting ready to send Whitney a dm on Instagram right before she knocked on my door. Just trying to shoot my shot."

So it definitely sounds like they're still together, especially considering how little time has passed since the season wrapped. (It would have been a pretty quick relationship if it had "worked out" and already ended.) Hopefully, fans will get more juicy deets on where Connor and Whitney are at now during the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, which airs as part of the finale on Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 8 p.m. on ABC.