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Is The "Best In Show" Winning Dog Breed Right For You? Not If You Have Kids

If you want to add a wire fox terrier to the family, then it's crucial to make sure this breed of dog will fit in with your household. For those who have young children, the first question is whether wire fox terriers are good around kids. Because King the wire fox terrier won Best in Show title at 143rd Westminster Dog Show, this breed is probably generating a lot of interest in dog-loving homes now, according to USA Today.

In general, you may want to think twice before bringing a wire fox terrier into a home with very young children. "Many reputable breeders and rescue volunteers will not place a Fox Terrier in a home with children younger than 7 years of age," wrote Dena Lebo-Funk, VMD, in American Fox Terrier Rescue. "Unless properly and socialized and raised from puppyhood with small children present, many Fox Terriers will be stressed by the awkward, unsteady movements of a toddler or overly aroused by the quick movements and high-pitched noises made by active children." Individual temperaments will vary from dog to dog, and certain fox terriers might work well in homes with older children. But for the most part, families with super little kids might do better with a more kid-friendly dog breed, as noted in Romper.

In fact, many dog experts share this sentiment when it comes to wire fox terriers and children. Although active wire fox terriers can make great companions for older children, they're too boisterous for toddler-aged kiddos, according to Vetstreet. For the most part, these dogs are just too much for the preschool set.

When it comes to wire fox terriers, or any other dog breed, it's important to understand the breed's history and temperament. In this case, fox terriers were bred for British fox hunts in the 1700s, when these little terriers were in charge of scaring foxes from their lairs, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). In fact, the breed is described as "16 to 18 pounds of coiled energy . . . [a] short-backed hunter with fire and intelligence shining in its dark, round eyes," on the AKC's website. It's easy to see why an energetic, intelligent dog bred for hunting might not be the best choice for families with toddlers underfoot.

If you're still in love with this striking breed, and everyone in your home is over the age of 8 or so, then there are a few more things to know before bringing your own wire fox terrier home. First, do as much research as possible to learn more about the breed. Some other factors about your lifestyle will influence whether this dog works for your household. For instance, their strong prey drive makes fox terriers a poor choice for homes who already have a cat or other small animals, according to Vetstreet. Chat with fox terrier owners and experts to learn more about their particular traits and quirks. If it turns out to be the right choice, then consider adopting one into your family for an active and boisterous companion.