Wren & Archer Dunhill Could Be Connected On 'PLL'

When it comes to family on Pretty Little Liars, things can get a little confusing. At this rate it seems like everyone is related to everyone else and people should probably start doing paternity tests because there's a good chance Peter Hastings is the father of your child. Due to of all the twisted familial relations on the show, it's not all that surprising that many fans are questioning if Wren and Archer Dunhill are related on Pretty Little Liars.

The first clue that the pair are related is that they're both British. This may seem like a small thing but this is PLL and every detail should be treated as a clue. Moreover, they're both doctors. Well, actually Archer was a fake doctor, but still. Obviously, relatives don't always have the same job (unless this is Grey's Anatomy), but it seems noteworthy that they work in the same profession.

Another reason fans became very suspicious of their possible relationship is because Huw James Collins, who played Archer, posted a photo of himself and Julian Morris, who plays Wren, with the caption, "Long lost brothers." However, he also added the hashtag #fuelthefire, which seems to indicate he was just messing with the fans — so maybe this is more of an indication that Wren and Archer definitely aren't related? It's hard to say.

Though many fans think the theory of Wren and Archer may be a bit of a stretch, most viewers can probably agree that Wren and Archer were, at the very least, working together for a multitude of reasons. For one, Jenna previously mentioned that Archer was able to get a job as a doctor because he knew someone on the staff who helped him out, no questions asked. Reddit user MoltoPazzo believes that person was Wren and it makes sense. Wren was always willing to bend the rules when it came to his work as a doctor. Why wouldn't he bend the rules for a friend/partner?

Also, Charlotte was the reason Melissa and Wren broke up and some fans, like Reddit user lukendyer, believe that after he learned the truth, he went to America and ended up working with Charlotte, and possibly Archer. After Charlotte was killed, Wren and Archer then teamed up to avenge her death — but when Archer was killed too, Wren continued on with their cause, making him the mysterious A.D.

When it comes to Wren and Archer there's plenty of theories. Thankfully, fans won't have to wait too much longer to find out the truth.