The Surprising Reason You're More Likely To Get Pregnant On Vacation

Although conception can happen overnight, for most couples getting pregnant takes weeks, months, or maybe even years of planning before they see a plus sign on a pregnancy stick. Between busy schedules, fertility issues, cycle tracking, and more, making a baby can seem like a job in and of itself. There's something to be said about having a certain time dedicated to "baby making," which can be easier said than done when you consider the hustle and bustle of real life. That's why some people consider going on a "conceptionmoon" to help with the baby-making process. But are you more likely to get pregnant on vacation? It seems like a valid (and much more relaxing) way to conceive than rushing to the bedroom after a long day of work.

According to Baby Center, conceptionmoons may be just the thing you and your partner need to conceive. Of course, the vacation itself isn't what helps you get pregnant. But a well-timed trip away with your partner can certainly help you both focus on "business" without having to worry about anything else.

According to one study published in Springer titled Environmental Factors In Mamal Reproduction, stress has a marked effect on a woman's fertility. It makes sense then that eliminating as much stress as possible could help the conception process along. And what better way to de-stress than a vacation?

Although the phrase "conceptionmoon" may seem like a big marketing scheme to get stressed out couples to book vacations, a report conducted by Baby Center found that of 800 couples surveyed, about 40 percent of couples claimed they actually conceived on their vacation.

You don't need to book a five-star resort, or even plan months in advance. Your conceptionmoon can happen in your own city or on the other side of the world — the key is that it's timed according to your fertility cycle. If you've been trying to get pregnant, chances are you're well aware of your cycle and when you're ovulating. If not, Your Fertility recommended spending a few months tracking your fertility before booking your trip, so that you know know the best dates for conceiving.

The results about relaxation and conception don't lie, so if you're struggling to clear your mind or get pregnant, a conceptionmoon might be just what the doctor prescribed.