Here's Where To Follow The 'Are You The One' Cast On Instagram

MTV's Are You the One is shattering reality dating show norms this season by featuring its first ever all-LGBTQ+ cast. Not only is everyone in the cast sexually fluid, but there's also a diverse group of gender identities included, which means that, for the first time, the "perfect matches" they'll be pursuing aren't be dictated by heteronormative male/female pairings. The cast has already been outspoken about how excited they are to bring this vital representation to the reality dating landscape, and the Are You the One cast Instagrams prove that this is the queerest group of contestants the show has ever gathered.

From a screenshot of an article profiling Remy Duran as "New York City's Most Famous Top" to Kai Wes' before-and-after top surgery photos, the cast of Are You the One illustrates how far reality TV's queer imprint has come from the days of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. There appears to be a meaningful variety of authentically queer experiences represented, which hopefully means the show will have a little something for every queer person to relate to. As Remy put it in a preview clip, "Some of us are not what you would want to maybe represent you, and that's fine. But we're real people and we exist and we deserve to be seen and deserve to express how we feel."

Here's where you can follow along with the cast on Instagram.

Aasha Wells

Aasha is a 22-year-old Miami Beach native who just graduated from Florida International University, where she studied communication and journalism. One post reveals that she took a month off in the middle of her last semester to shoot the show, but it looks like she still managed to graduate on time.

Amber Martinez

Amber graduated from New York Film Academy last year and, as her Instagram bio says, she's a huge Harry Potter nerd — she even decorated her graduation cap with the words "I'd rather be at Hogwarts!"

Basit Shittu

Twenty-five-year-old Basit may have grown up in a strict Nigerian household, but it didn't stop them from finding a fierce drag persona named Dionne Slay. Their Instagram is full of looks and you don't want to miss a single one.

Brandon Davis

Brandon is a former athlete who grew up in a military family and has many extremely ripped modeling shots and gym selfies to prove it.

Danny Prikazsky

Danny is the self-described nerd of the group, as a data scientist who sports big, plastic-framed glasses. But his Instagram shows his playful side, too, with plenty of cute gender-queering snaps.

Jasmine Olson

Jasmine is the not-quite Southern belle of the group; she hails from Mississippi, and identifies as a country woman who loves being in nature and getting dirty outside. Her Instagram, however, proves that she can strike a pose in a fierce outfit just as well.

Jenna Brown

Jenna (on the right in the photo above) comes from a conservative midwestern family, but as you can see, she isn't the only queer sibling in her family. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at that lesbian brunch.

Jonathan Short

Jonathan is a 27-year-old bank manager, but he's also a free spirit who doesn't have WiFi or TV at his house. Somehow, he still manages to post plenty of Instagram pics showing off his impressive mane.

Justin Palm

Justin Palm is a 24-year-old Navy vet, so, naturally, his Instagram is full of super fit shirtless pics. Pro-tip: if you scroll back far enough, you can find him in uniform.

Kai Wes

Kai is a 26-year-old transmasculine nonbinary artist who isn't shy about documenting his medical transition on Instagram. Come for the killer jawline, stay for the perfectly coiffed hair.

Kari Snow


As of right now, Kari's Instagram is still private. But given that she has over 35,000 followers, I'm guessing that most requests to follow are accepted.

Kylie Smith

Don't let Kylie's bridal shoot from 2018 fool you; she's never been married. She's a 24-year-old model (who moonlights as a bartender).

Max Gentile

Max moved from Ohio to Los Angeles to get away from his conservative family and start exploring his sexuality on his own terms. From the looks of his Instagram, he's doing amazing, sweetie.

Nour Fraij


Nour's Instagram is also private for now, but if you'd like to shoot your shot at a follow request, you can try.

Paige Cole


Paige's Instagram is still private, too.

Remy Duran

Remy is best known for being the most catfish-exploited person on Grindr after exchanging photos with a user who proceeded to make fake profiles using them. He was the subject of his own Out interview following the incident, but perhaps Are You the One can jettison him to new levels of viral fame.

You can see how the group fares at securing the $1 million cash prize when Are You the One airs Wednesday nights on MTV.