Aria & Liam Break Up On 'Pretty Little Liars,' Which Leaves Room For Ezria

Ezria shippers rejoice! Aria has (finally) broken up with Liam. After she and Ezra hooked up, Aria realized that she doesn't really belong with Liam. Although she told Liam that the decision to break-up with him had nothing to do with Ezra and everything to do with all the other stuff she has going on in her life, that's a little hard to believe. It's clear Ezra has gotten under Aria's skin again (and under her sheets) and there's doubt it won't be long until they officially rekindle their relationship. But now that Aria and Liam are broken up the Ezria ship is now ready to set sail (again).

The only problem is, Liam is editing Aria and Ezra's book again, making things between the three of them seriously awkward. Liam was already skeptical when Aria said their break-up had nothing to do with Ezra, and his skepticism intensified once he saw Aria and Ezra holding hands before his meeting with Ezra. Then in the meeting, Liam tears into Ezra's chapters of the book. Although he pretends it's about Ezra's writing, it's clear he really means Aria and Ezra's relationship. Talking about the characters in the book as having a "Lolita" type of relationship and referring to Ezra's character as predatory seemed to be a direct dig at Ezra. Still, Ezra tries to keep his cool but it's clear this professional relationship is now tainted by their personal relationships.

If Liam can't get past his jealously, Aria and Ezra may need to find a new editor, which may be difficult. Aria may have to put her feelings and possible relationship with Ezra on the back burner until this book done. Liam already has an issue with Ezra and this is just because he suspects Aria and Ezra are back together. If the two of them decided to actually become a couple again and go public with it Liam would be livid and probably take it out on Ezra.

Still, Aria and Ezra have done the whole secret relationship thing before. It wouldn't be too difficult for them to do it again. If they really want to be together again and just keep it from Liam they could but the better option would be to just stop working with Liam all together. Either way, the door is now open for Ezria to get back together. Hopefully this time they can make their relationship stick.