Ariana Grande Wore Her Grammys Dress Anyway, Because Who Needs To Be There?

Ariana Grande's absence at the 2019 Grammy Awards on Sunday night was definitely noted. But, she still managed to have a little fun at home — because Grande wore her Grammy dress anyway and shared the photos to social media after. And the singer was definitely one of the best dressed — even if she didn't actually show up.

It's been a huge weekend for the pop star. She kicked off the weekend by releasing her newest album, Thank U, Next on Friday and won a Grammy Award ahead of the big show on Sunday. Needless to say, Grande is feeling the love right now — even if she didn't attend the actual show on Sunday.

Instead, Grande was keeping herself busy on Twitter and Instagram on Sunday night instead, taking to both platforms to interact with her fans and give them some insight into how much fun she would have had on her big night, if she actually showed up.

Grande took to Instagram where she shared a photo of the custom made pale blue satin Zac Posen gown that she would have worn, and she looks absolutely incredible. She was channeling Cinderella in that pale blue gown and it would have looked amazing on the red carpet. But people can enjoy seeing it all over her social media accounts, anyway.

But at least Grande had fun playing in it — she shared a video of her walking around her home in the dress while her dog chased her. I mean, if you can't wear the dress to one of the biggest nights in Hollywood, you might as well have fun goofing around in it, right?

Grande's commitment to dressing up and not going out is so relatable. While it's rare that anyone has been in her ~exact~ position (who really has a custom Zac Posen gown on hand?), people can relate to committing to going out and deciding to stay home on their couch instead. I mean, really — everyone knows that the best part of going out is getting ready to go out (or maybe that's just me).

Regardless of her decision to not attend the show, people on Twitter definitely agreed that she should have won the title of "Best Dressed." Their reactions to her "Grammys dress" are pretty great.

If people are confused, they have every right to be. A lot of people were unaware that Grande wasn't going to show until she didn't show at all. And there was a reason that Grande didn't attend the Grammys, according to Cosmopolitan — and it's not because she felt like staying home with her dogs.

Grande was slated to attend the show and perform, according to Variety, but had creative differences with the show's producers over her performance. Grande alluded to this on Twitter on Sunday, writing that she "tried" to go to the Grammys.

But maybe Grande would have showed if she knew ahead of time that she would be taking home an award for Best Pop Vocal Album for her 2018 album, sweetener. At least she would have had the epic dress to go with such an epic win.