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Here's How Krystal Fared On 'The Bachelor' Two-On-One Date

Every season of The Bachelor there seems to be a rise and fall of a "villain," a contestant that all the others can't help but hate. This season, Krystal assumed the role—and it got to the point where even Arie was frustrated. Arie eliminated Krystal on The Bachelor two-on-one date and fans are rejoicing as much as the other women.

I use the term villain with a grain of salt because a show like The Bachelor is heavily edited, and a villain may just get a "negative edit" by producers when putting the show together to give the fans someone to hate. It's merely a compilation of all their bad moments and not a reflection of who they really are as a person. In other seasons, contestants like Olivia Caridi and Corinne Olympios assumed the villain role. Now, when the season started, I was sure there was another "villain" pegged: Chelsea. Not only does she look a little bit like Olivia, but on the first night she pissed off some of the other contestants. Chelsea won the first impression rose, so she already had a target on her back—but how she got it also infuriated the women. Chelsea talked to Arie twice in a night where women scrambled to talk to him once.

Soon, though, it became clear that Krystal was really this season's "villain." On Monday night's episode, fans couldn't help but express their joy over her elimination on Twitter:

But how did Krystal become so disliked by Bachelor Nation? It really started after her first one-on-one with Arie where, for some reason, all her knowledge of how The Bachelor worked flew out the window and she started thinking about him as her boyfriend. Well, he has 10 other "girlfriends" too, but Krystal didn't care. After getting a solo date rose, Krystal still talked to him during a cocktail party—when other women who needed to get on his radar wanted to talk to him. Cue a huge feud between Krystal and Bibiana, in which Krystal played dumb and as if she didn't know she was doing anything wrong. At first I didn't know if she truly didn't know or if she was just not here to make friends. As time went on, the latter became apparent.

Last episode, Krystal was on a bowling-themed group date and all hell broke loose. There were two teams, and the winning was supposed to have extra time with Arie. Krystal's team won, but Arie decided that everyone would have extra time. Krystal had a full-blown tantrum, both on camera and off-camera, and it was official that everyone in the house was against her. She even claimed that she was going home, then reversed the decision. Despite the fact that everyone—including Arie—was infuriating with her, Arie gave her the last rose of the rose ceremony.

Krystal was the obvious choice for the two-on-one date, which is traditionally reserved for people who are on the edge of going home. Arie finally granted Bachelor Nation's wish and sent her home. As it was a moment fans were waiting for, they didn't hold back:

Well, the era of Krystal is over... for now. Knowing The Bachelor, she will be back at least for the Women Tell All and After the Final Rose, if not for Bachelor in Paradise as well. For now though, Bachelor Nation can rest easy and know she won't be the one to win over Arie. I'm sure Krystal will go back to California and work on her fitness coaching like she was before, but she'll probably get a Sugar Bear Hair sponsorship out of the show too—which is as good a consolation prize as any.

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