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Arie Wouldn't Leave Becca Alone After Their 'Bachelor' Breakup & Twitter Is Furious

by Kathleen Walsh

It was bad enough that the Season 22 Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. took back his engagement to Becca with a full camera team there to document every detail. But then Arie wouldn't leave Becca alone after their Bachelor breakup and Twitter was furious. You asked if she wanted you to leave, my dude. And then she said yes. That is your cue to leave, sir.

After an absolutely gut-wrenching segment in which Becca happily told the cameras how excited she was for one of her and Arie's happy couple weekends, Arie walked his butt in there with a small army of camera operators and told Becca that he had to take back the engagement because he was still in love with Lauren. Becca reacted the way any woman would act, and called Arie out for all of his terrible and downright unacceptable behavior. She explained that she had tried to be patient and understanding with him as he dealt with his feelings for Lauren. And when he said getting closer to her made him afraid he wouldn't get to pursue something with Lauren, you could tell she really needed some space. In fact, she asked for him to go away several times and he just didn't listen. Naturally, Twitter had some immediate feelings about that...

At one point during the breakup Arie did briefly leave. The cameras lingered on him strolling uncomfortably around the house while a loud audio of Becca crying in the bathroom played in the background. Clearly Becca wanted to wait until she was alone to cry and clearly she didn't want to continue this conversation anymore. So then what exactly did Arie think he was going to accomplish by strolling back into the house, knocking on the door and asking, "Are you OK?" Take a wild guess. Twitter was not thrilled with that move either, because of course she's not OK! And your presence isn't helping.

The lesson after this breakup, boys and girls, is that even when you are crushing someone's heart on a national television show, you should try your hardest to be respectful about it. Do it off-camera if possible. Leave when asked. And don't ask ridiculous questions like, "Are you OK?" Clearly, Becca was not alright at this moment. But luckily she didn't stay that way forever. Because this is The Bachelor after all, Harrison brought Becca on stage for the final moments of the finale episode to get her thoughts.

Ever the cool and collected lady, Becca responded that it was pretty brutal to watch that scene back. But she very maturely took some time to grieve for that relationship and the future she had envisioned for herself and Arie. She admitted that she cried for about four days straight, but that she's ready to move on with her life now. I don't know what it's like to be on The Bachelor, but I do know what it's like to go through a breakup, and I think everyone can agree that Becca handled that situation with incredible grace. America is so behind you right now.

It's also clear that America, or at least Bachelor Nation is not too happy with Arie right now, judging by the tweets at least. Arie was never the franchise's most popular Bachelor, but is it possible that this move made Arie one of the least popular Bachelors of all time? He's got some stiff competition out there, but the Bachelor-watching universe is pretty united in dislike of him at this point. We'll see if he redeems himself on the final After the Final Rose special. But I don't know if there's anything he can do to save his reputation now.

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