Arizona & Callie Need To Get Back Together, & Here Are 5 Reasons Why

When Arizona Robbins appeared in Season 5 of Grey's Anatomy, Callie Torres was just figuring out her sexuality. While they made out in the bathroom of Joe's, neither of them probably realized how much the other would impact their lives. Now, seven seasons later, the Calzona ship has been through it all. There were Callie's unaccepting parents (her dad eventually got on board), Arizona leaving for Africa but then coming back, Callie's unplanned pregnancy, the car crash, their wedding, Arizona's plane crash. Then the leg, the miscarriage, Arizona's cheating, the marriage therapy, the divorce, and finally Sofia's custody battle. Yeah, these two have been through a lot. But, will Callie and Arizona ever get back together on Grey's Anatomy?

Earlier this season it seemed like Callie and Arizona had actually reached a level of friendship. Callie was dating Penny, and Arizona was dating again. They were happy until the custody battle tore them apart. With all the implications that Arizona was too busy working and going out to take care of Sofia that were said in the court room it'll be tough for Callie and Arizona to ever get back to a good place. Those words hurt Arizona and Callie losing custody of Sofia hurt even more. Still, one can't help but root for these two to make it work. Here's just a few reasons why they're better together instead of apart.

Sofia Needs Them Both

Of course, Callie and Arizona don't have to be together for both of them to be parents to Sofia, but don't you remember how great they all were together? Before the plane crash Callie, Arizona, and Mark (R.I.P) were the best parenting trio. They were so cute with Sofia, and although they all had different opinions on how to raise her they came together on what mattered. After the plane crash, Callie and Arizona were at their best when they leaned on each other and parented as a team, which is why the custody battle was so heartbreaking. Sofia has already lost one parent, she deserves to be with the two she has left.

Their Chemistry Was Undeniable

These two played off each other so well. They were cute and funny and they understood each other in such an adorable way. Both of them can be so incredibly fun and endearing, but at the same be tough and straight up forces to be reckoned with. Although they have their differences, they're also a lot alike, which is why they clicked.

They Looked Out For Each Other

When Callie's dad tried to "pray away the gay", Arizona talked to him about her own experience of coming out to her dad. She wanted him to understand that not only was Callie the same person she was before she came out, but also how much she loved Callie and didn't want to see her hurt. It was Arizona's words that finally brought Callie's dad around and proved just how much Arizona would do to make Callie happy.

They've Been Through So Much Together

Callie and Arizona, just like every ship on Grey's, has had it rough. Between the car crash and the plane crash, Arizona losing her leg and then a baby, these two have dealt with a lot. They've struggled, and their relationship took a beating because of all they've gone through. But, these two were always stronger together and no one understands their past struggles better than the two of them.

They've Both Made Mistakes

Yes, Arizona's cheating was terrible and messed up, but Callie has made some mistakes, too. The way Arizona was treated in the custody battle was uncalled for and hurtful. And before that, Callie tried to throw Arizona under the bus just because she wasn't ready for Penny to meet Sofia. Callie and Arizona have both made mistakes in their relationship, but these two had a real deep love for each other. If they could just find it in their hearts to forgive each other they could definitely have that love once again.