Plus-size model Ashley Graham is launching a new podcast to dish on her favorite podcasts.
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Podcast-Loving Moms Are In For A Treat With Ashley Graham's New Series — EXCLUSIVE

Spotify has partnered with the one and only Ashley Graham to launch a new podcast series later this month called, Listen Up with Ashley Graham. What's more, the first topic is all about motherhood, a topic the model became intimately familiar with when she gave birth to her son Isaac earlier this year.

The limited three-part series is essentially a book club but for podcasts and will feature Graham discussing her weekly top picks for podcasts on her Instagram Live. And like any good book club, Listen Up with Ashley Graham will have an interactive component, allowing other podcast fans to chime in.

"I'm so excited to be teaming up with Spotify to host Listen Up With Ashley Graham, where I'll be discussing my favorite podcasts with fellow podcast-lovers and diving into topics that are of interest to me," Graham shared with Spotify. "I've been listening to so many great podcasts while at home in Nebraska — they are the perfect backdrop for my skating strolls with Isaac or when I need some solo time away from the family (everyone needs a break these days!)."

Graham, who already hosts the Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham podcast, will stream the first discussion of Listen Up with Ashley Graham over Instagram Live on Aug. 26. You can already access her motherhood playlist here.

New conversations will then roll out weekly until Sept. 9, focusing on a different theme and breaking down topics covered in Graham's favorite podcasts. After motherhood, Graham will discuss business entrepreneurship and wellness.

To make the series interactive, listeners will be able to read discussion guides on Spotify’s For The Record blog and submit their comments and questions to Graham during her Instagram Live.

Graham's love of podcasts and warm, outgoing personality may just make her the perfect person to host a virtual podcast club. "My love of podcasts is one of the many reasons I decided to start my own in 2018 ... which has given me this incredible opportunity to talk to amazing people with interesting backgrounds and stories, and share these conversations with others," she shared with Spotify.

To catch the first part of Listen Up with Ashley Graham, tune in to Graham's Instagram Live on Aug. 26 after browsing the episode's discussion guide on Spotify's For The Record blog.