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Ashley Graham Reveals She's Pregnant With Baby #1 With A Sweet Video Announcement

by Casey Suglia

Model Ashley Graham and her husband, photographer, Justin Ervin shared some truly exciting news this morning. On Wednesday, Aug. 14, in an incredibly sweet video shared on Instagram, Ashley Graham revealed she's pregnant with her first child. The announcement was so cute and so clever, fans can't really containment their excitement for the happy couple.

In the video, Graham and Ervin fuss with the camera, trying to get the perfect angle. Once they find it, the camera slowly zooms out to reveal Graham's bump. "Surprise!!," they yell into the camera before sharing a kiss. And Graham's caption was just as sweet as their video announcement.

"Nine years ago today, I married the love of my life," she wrote on Instagram. "It has been the best journey with my favorite person in the world! Today we are feeling so blessed, grateful, and excited to celebrate our GROWING FAMILY! Happy anniversary, Justin Ervin. Life is about to get even better."

On Ervin's Instagram account, he also shared a pregnancy reveal announcement with a photo of himself and Graham (and a picture of their little one) and the sweetest message in honor of their wedding anniversary. "Now that we've made a life together, let's make a life together," he wrote. "I love you and I love us. All of us..."

Needless to say, the couple's friends, family members, and many followers on social media are so excited for them as the enter this next chapter of their lives. As Hailey Bieber commented on the photo, "YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you guys," and Mindy Kaling wrote, "Oh my goodness!!! What a blessing! Congratulations!"

Graham's pregnancy announcement did not reveal a few key details, such as her due date or the sex of the baby, but it's possible that she'll share those exciting updates as her pregnancy progresses in the coming months.

In the months and years leading up to their pregnancy reveal, Graham didn't necessarily seem like she was in any rush to add a bundle of joy to mix, though she seems over the moon right now. Earlier this year, for instance, Graham opened up about wanting to start a family when the time was right. "For me, being a wife and being a woman, happiness doesn't equate to having kids," she told ELLE in January. "Kids will come when they come. Happiness, right now, is building with my husband and building my business."

And in June, Graham told Allure that becoming a mom wasn't something she had set her sights on at the moment. "It's just too far down the road for me to even think about," she told the magazine at the time. But, as it turns out, that time is now. Graham and Ervin will soon become parents to their first child, and judging from the expressions on their faces, they couldn't be more thrilled to do so.

Now that they've shared with the world that their first baby is officially on the way, hopefully the parents-to-be will continue to let fans in on this part of their lives with more sweet updates.