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Ashley I. Returns To 'Bachelor In Paradise' Because She Is Not Done Yet

Let's be real, you guys. They did not bring Ashley I. back to Paradise for just one and a half episodes. Known for her propensity for bursting into tears with all the mournful style of Kim Kardashian and her downright dogged pursuit of what she wants, Ashley I. is always a showstopper and I kind of love her for it. She came to the resort with the single-minded intention of winning back Jared, the man of her dreams, and when he chose Caila over her she fell predictably to pieces. She did not receive a rose at the rose ceremony and was on her way out when she yelled at the driver to stop the car. Yes, Ashley I. has returned to Bachelor in Paradise because she is not done yet.

Standing nervously before the group, Ashley explained that after her talk with Jared, she had re-emerged a new, more emotionally stable woman. "Tonight I had a conversation that was probably needed to be had a long time ago," she said to her stunned cast-mates, explaining that she was actually crying a lot less after the conversation. She then asked, pretty humbly, if the others in Paradise would be ok with her coming back with an open mind. Amazingly, they said sure.

Despite Nick's good morning advice to Ashley to "be her best self," she begins immediately plotting the end of Jared and Caila's relationship by encouraging newcomer Brett (that would be the guy with the lamp) to ask out Caila, even though the fact that she's already paired up is giving him some pause. He goes for it anyway and Caila waffles for a bit while Ashley I. bites her nails in anticipation.

Ashley I. may have convinced the group that she's changed after her talk with Jared, she may have even convinced herself. But we are not convinced, Ashley. Until Wells arrives, Ashley is going to continue to make herself look silly by pursuing Jared even though he has, on several occasions, told her thank you but no thank you. I hope that Ashley does learn to be her best self in Paradise, but what fun would that be.