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Ashton Kutcher Just Shared His Most Relatable Parenting Anecdote To Date

When the news hit that Ashton Kutcher took a major fall during his kid's bedtime routine, I had to sympathize... and maybe chuckle a little. That's because this story of Ashton Kutcher breaking his toe while putting his daughter to bed is such a classic parenting moment, and I think it's safe to say it has happened to many other people out there.

As the actor explained on Live with Kelly and Ryan Tuesday, he suffered an accident recently when his 4-year-old daughter, Wyatt, tried to get into bed with him and wife Mila Kunis, as USA Today reported. This normally wouldn't have been a problem, but he and Kunis are in the midst of working to get their kids (the family also includes son Dmitri, 2) to sleep in their own beds at night. So Kutcher knew what he had to do, even though, sigh, it's pretty hard to resist snuggling with those little cuties at night.

"I was in bed and our daughter comes into the room to, like, jump in bed with us... and Mila and Wyatt were having a little bit of a spat that day," he recalled to the show's hosts, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. "And so she comes into our room and sometimes I just, like, scoop her up and put her in bed, sometimes I take her back. I'm supposed to take her back, but I like scooping her up because it's so sweet."

Kutcher was then faced with a tough decision, stating, "So she comes in and I am like, 'OK. I'm either going to get 15 minutes of hell from my daughter right now or 15 minutes of hell from Mila in the morning' because we're trying to get [Wyatt] to sleep in her bed. And so I'm like, 'OK. I'm gonna go put her in bed.'"

Unfortunately for Kutcher, however, as he stood up to take Wyatt back, he realized his foot had fallen asleep. He then fell to the ground, breaking his toe as a result. "And I’m on the ground and I’m like, ‘Um, Babe, I think you need to take Wyatt to bed,'" Kutcher recounted, as Ripa laughed in sympathy. "And I don’t want to turn the lights on because I’m afraid of what I’m gonna see."

But wait — the parenting fail got worse. When Kutcher turned on the lights, he saw his toe pointing the wrong way. "It was three in the morning and I didn't want to go to urgent care so I did the Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon thing and just kinda like put it back on! When your kids come into the room at night it can be more dangerous than you think!"

I so get you on this, Ashton. My entirely unscientific research has shown that almost every parent has a story of limb breaking or spraining that stems from their kiddos. My own broken toe happened while I was running after a toddler, only to smashing into a kitchen barstool instead. And a friend had a preschooler drop a heavy plastic dinosaur on her foot, which isn't all too fun.

Luckily, Kutcher and Kunis — who posted a funny video over the summer to confirm they aren't breaking up — are getting through the exhausting period of having young children with their sense of humor intact. In fact, Kutcher told People magazine that his current mustached look is the result of him and Kunis being the only people to arrive in costume to a 70s-style bash at Adele's house. Another classic Kutcher story.

And although these are all funny stories, just remember to be careful when taking care of the kids because as Kutcher himself proved, childhood can be hazardous for parents. The upside? There are plenty of parents out there who the actor can trade war stories with.