Audrey Roloff Is Nervous About Balancing Post-Baby Life & Asked Fellow Moms For Tips

Being a first-time mother can be challenging. There is so much that expecting mothers don't know and then so much that they feel they're supposed to know as soon as the baby arrives. And Little People, Big World star and soon-to-be mom for the first time, Audrey Roloff, knows this to be true. And who could blame Roloff for asking fans for advice on balancing motherhood? Because, really, this incredibly busy reality star will have a lot to juggle within the next few weeks.

When Audrey isn't filming for the reality show that she stars on with her husband, Jeremy Roloff, she keeps herself pretty busy. Audrey has her own clothing line, Always More, teaches Barre 3, sells essential oils, runs her own blog, and also has her own marriage blog, Beating 50, with Jeremy. Busy doesn't even begin to describe the very hardworking (and very pregnant) expectant mom.

So, with a little one on the way, it is no surprise that Audrey is asking fans for some advice pertaining to balancing motherhood, work, and all that comes with both. On Tuesday night, Audrey took to her Instagram account on to share her fears and frustrations with her followers, writing in her photo's caption:

Attention momapreneurs...how do you do it?! I think the thing I am most nervous about for post labor/delivery is learning to balance being a mom while running my businesses. I know that my priorities will need to take a shift, and I know that I won't be able to give as much as I once could to Beating 50 and Shop Always More, Barre 3, and writing and I want to find that sweet spot.

Audrey continued in the caption, seeking the advice from her Instagram followers (there is over 600,00 of them!):

I'm trying so hard to plan and get organized so I can take some kind of "maternity leave" but I feel a little lost...if you're a mom that works from home, runs your own shop, or started your own business, I would love to hear your advice! Also, if you follow any rad momapreneurs out there, tag them in the comments!

Shortly after posting, the help came flooding in from commenters who advised Audrey on everything from breastfeeding ("pump and freeze the extra milk you make!," one mom wrote) to sleeping ("sleep when the baby sleeps," another one commented).

Honestly, who could blame Audrey for reaching out to the masses of moms? With the large amount of followers that she has, it is safe to say that she will get some pretty amazing advice. And Audrey isn't the first pregnant celeb t seek such advice online — even Serena Williams has sought this type of parenting advice from her followers on social media.

Once the baby does arrive (her due date is on Aug. 31, according to InTouch Weekly), it is safe to say that Audrey will make one bad ass "mompreneur". The all-knowing Urban Dictionary defines the word "mompreneur" as "an entrepreneur that also happens to be a mother. Some may prefer to transpose the professional and personal roles to read a mother who happens to be an entrepreneur." And taking a look at the Instagram #mompreneur shows a bunch of moms proudly working their butts off while being a mother to their children. Audrey will definitely be joining their ranks soon enough once her daughter arrives.

But it is safe to say that Audrey and Jeremy will be receiving help from their parents as soon as they welcome their bundle of joy. Little People, Big World cameras captured their decision to move closer to home to be with their families, and Jeremy's mom, Amy Roloff, has expressed her excitement about her granddaughter's arrival on Instagram. Nothing like a little help from the internet and a little help from family to balance out the hectic first few weeks of being a new mom.