Audrey Roloff's Instagram Is Inspiring

Reality TV stars live all of their lives under the public eye, whether it be on camera or off. Thanks to social media, fans can follow along with the stars lives at all parts of the year, even when the TV cameras are turned off. Little People, Big World couple Jeremy Roloff, who has been on the show for over 10 years, and his wife Audrey Roloff know this to be true. Even without the TV cameras documenting their lives, Audrey Roloff's Instagram is worth following, if only for the inspirational and empowering messages she posts in with every photo.

The 26 year old is more than a reality star. She is a blogger, a former collegiate distance runner, a lover of God, and a huge fan of Instagram. Loyal followers of Audrey's Instagram account, @audreyroloff, know that her photos are picture perfect. On her Instagram, you can find photos of everything — from her and her husband, to pictures with the entire Roloff crew. But the best part about following Audrey is for her always inspirational, sometimes feminist captions to her photos. Each caption tells a story and spreads her beliefs with her followers, even if its a message they might not agree with.

Audrey's Instagram posts share her thoughts and opinions on different topics, often about self discovery and self worth, some of which can be read (and seen) here:

On Feeling Beautiful

Audrey had an incredibly empowering message about beauty for her young fans in a recent post from her maternity photoshoot:

Your beauty is not defined by your physical appearance!! Honestly, sometimes I get a little frustrated by the constant, 'You are beautiful" slogans, blogs, books, and advertisements. I think we need to let the truth of this statement sink in deeper than a quick-feel-good reminder that "oh yeah I'm beautiful got it." We need to really dig into who defines our beauty, what defines our beauty, and how we can become even MORE beautiful.

On Finding 'The One'

Before marrying in 2014, Audrey and Jeremy were in a long distance relationship for three years, according to her blog, while both of them attended college in different states. Audrey is so devoted to her husband, and her advice to followers about finding the person to spend your life with, in the photo's caption, is words they can take to heart:

To all my single but seeking friends out there, please don't settle for nice, cute, and fun. If the man you are dating is husband material, you should be able to describe his character using better adjectives. Look for a man who is kid, gentle, and patient. Look for a man who is respected and self disciplined. Look for a man who is hardworking, committed, and intentional. Look for a man who you would want to be the father of your children. I found that man and I'm so glad I waited for him.

On Fighting With Your Significant Other

Like all couples, Jeremy and Audrey get into fights. In one Instagram post, Audrey got honest with fans about the part of her marriage you might not see otherwise, writing in the caption:

The never needing journey of becoming one isn't always easy...we come from different backgrounds, upbringing, parenting, spending habits, theologies, so we are bound to have conflict. Its not a matter of if we will fight, but when and how. Yesterday was one of those days that Jer and I needed to be reminded of how to "fight fair." We needed to be reminded of how to handle conflict with parameters that are healthy and productive, rather than harmful and destructive. We needed to start acting like teammates rather than opponents.

On Having Confidence

There is nothing more important than being self assure. After seeing July 4th Instagrams in her feed, Audrey took to her account to share a photo of her and Jeremy and an uplifting message about confidence and having insecurities with followers:

Is scrolling through the images of girls with perfectly tan skin, slim bellies, beachy hair, super cropped tops and super cheeky shorts making you feel like your not ______ enough? I write this because I've been there too... I've always loved the 4th of July, but getting on social media the next day just seems to boil up some deep rooted insecurities. Can you relate!? So here's a photo of me and Jeremy with my not so tanned skin, my not so slim belly, and my not so sexy dress. Don't fall into the pit of lies that Instagram tries to throw at you with today. You are more precious that rubies (Proverbs 3:15). You are the crowned jewel of His creation. Your beauty is not defined by your hair and skin, it's defined by your heart and soul.

On Finding Your Inner Beauty

Although Audrey's Instagram posts are always perfect, she too understands the importance of inner beauty matching your outer appearance, writing in a caption from a photo posted in March:

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look physically beautiful, but our desire for outward beautify should never surpasses our desire for inward beauty. Who do you let set your standard for beauty? Your friends? Yourself? Social media? Marketing campaigns? Culture? All these things have worked together to create an arbitrary definition of beauty. But God’s definition of beauty is resolute....inward beauty is eternal.

Audrey's Instagram account is worth following, not only to keep up with the star while cameras are away (the new season airs this fall), but to be delivered a refreshingly positive message in your Instagram feed every time she posts.