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Babies "R" Us Closing Sale Deals: What To Buy During Their Last Hurrah

For fans of Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us, this week brought heartbreaking news. Toys “R” Us reportedly told their employees that they are planning on liquidating almost all of their United States store locations, including Babies "R” Us stores. While you may be mourning the loss of your baby haven, many are looking at this as an opportunity to get their baby gear at liquidation prices. If you are hoping to take advantage of their deep discounts, here is what you need to know about Babies “R” Us’ closing sales.

While there isn’t a definitive timeline or schedule for when their clearance sales will start, bankruptcy lawyer Corali Lopez-Castro mentioned to Business Insider that there is speculation the clearance sales will start within a matter of weeks. The report also noted that Toys “R” Us rewards and gift cards will expire in 30 days, which means sales may begin sooner than expected.

But what if you have Babies "R" Us gift cards? Well, it looks like you should spend those as soon as you can too, because according to a report in USA Today, Babies "R" Us gift cards will be expiring in 30 days as well.

If you have a Babies "R" Us registry, you might have to switch to another retailer soon. There is a bit of uncertainty around the future of the registry, and how long it will be available. Romper has learned that the online store and registry will stay open for a few weeks, but we were not able to confirm a closing date for either.

It's sad to see the end of this era, and for me, these closing sales will be bittersweet. I loved Toys “R” Us as kid, and treasured Babies “R” Us as a mom, but I can’t deny that I’m anxious to take advantage of the steals I can get during their liquidation sale. For the time being, here are some pretty sweet deals at Babies “R” Us that you can take advantage of right now.

This post will be updated as information comes in.

Koala Baby Four Piece "Baby's First Easter 2018" Plush Activity Basket

Koala Baby Four Piece "Baby's First Easter 2018" Plush Activity Basket ($10, Babies “R” Us)

Easter is around the corner, so don’t forget the tiny tots when you’re shopping for Easter baskets. This adorable plush easter basket features a handy plush basket, plush bunny rattle, plush egg rattle, and plush chick rattle. The set is on sale at Babies "R" Us for 20 percent off of the original price.

Levtex Baby Bunny Throw

Levtex Baby Bunny Throw ($25, Babies “R” Us)

This gorgeous and adorable throw is perfect for your little one, and will work well after Easter, too. The soft bunny-shaped blanket has adorable embroidered bunny features and a faux fur body. It's on sale for nearly 15 percent off of the original price.

Koala Baby Lamb Plush Mat

Koala Baby Lamb Plush Mat ($40, Babies “R” Us)

How adorable is this little lamb? You can get this mat with a savings of $10 with this deal. The plush lamb-shaped mat is perfect for tummy time, play time, or nap time, and features a ultra soft plush top with grips on the bottom. It makes for the perfect baby gift that would look great in any nursery.

Koala Kids "Happy Easter" Hipster Bunny Screen Print Bodysuit

Koala Kids "Happy Easter" Hipster Bunny Screen Print Bodysuit ($10, Babies "R" Us)

Get your little rabbit Easter-ready with this darling onesie that features a cool Hipster suspender design. Save over 20 percent off with this sweet deal.

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