Prepare To Aww, Because Baby Crew Gaines Has Made His TV Debut — VIDEO

If I could jump through my TV Willy Wonka style and join any family aside from my own, the Gaines family would be my first choice. The love, laughter, and shiplap that seeps through the screen is more than a little intoxicating. Winning me over even more, baby Crew Gaines made his TV debut on the TODAY show and it was quite possibly the most adorable three minutes in the show's history.

Monday's episode of TODAY was meant to be an in-depth interview with Joanna Gaines about her new home design book, Homebody, but it quickly turned into a family affair. Joanna's husband Chip Gaines joined in on the fun, and even gave viewers a peek at their adorable 4-month-old Crew. "He is a gift," Joanna said in the interview. "We were talking the other day and saying how he has [slowed] down time for us."

Sweet little Crew was born this past June, and he is the Gaines' fifth child. He joined their older children Drake, 13; Ella, 11; Duke, 9; and Emmie Kay, 8 at the family farm and quickly won the hearts of everyone there. While TODAY hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb soaked up all the baby cuddles, Chip and Joanna dished on the possibility of growing their family even more.

Chip expressed his desire to have another baby in a recent interview with People, but Joanna hasn't made a decisive statement one way or another. They each echoed their sentiments in Monday's interview as well.

"[Chip] wants him to have a sister," Joanna said, according to E! News. "I mean, I love the process of being pregnant. I love giving birth."

While her stance on a sixth child is unclear, one thing is clear: Crew's older siblings are as smitten with him as their parents. "They're obsessed with him, and it really is one of those things where I have to fight to hold him," Joanna told TODAY.

The Gaines children can't seem to get enough of their little brother. Proud mama Joanna shared a similar message to a crowd at their annual Silobration event at Magnolia Market, according to Country Living:

It’s been so fun with the kids. We never get to carry the baby because from the time I wake up, they get in line. Drake’s number one, Ella’s number two—they fight over who gets to hold him all morning, all night. It’s so sweet.

The love and help that she gets from her other children is a part of why another baby isn't completely out of the question for her. They do "so much" for her, like changing diapers and holding Crew:

That's why, really, the idea — not that we're having more — but the idea … it's just so easy. When you have a gap from eight to this, newborn, it's easy.

Along with taking the home renovation and design world by storm, Chip and Joanna are busy making plans for their sweet family. With the holidays right around the corner, Christmas is on everyone's minds. In an essay for this month's edition of The Magnolia Journal, Joanna explained that Crew's first Christmas will keep with the family's sense of tradition.

The way my family anticipates Christmas feels different from the way we look forward to almost anything else. For other things, we're excited about learning, seeing or exploring something new and exciting ... But Christmas is different. We look forward to it all year. We count down the days, just to experience it nearly exactly as we always have. It is so comfortably familiar and perfectly nostalgic that, frankly, we have no desire to improve upon it at all.

Despite their new addition, not too much has changed. Family remains at the top of the Gaines' list of priorities. Crew's appearance on the TODAY show with his family is just the latest in a string of special family moments. Who knows what the future holds for America's favorite dynamic duo and their kiddos?