Watch This Baby's Reaction After Trying Her First Soda

by Kaitlin Kimont

Babies have this magical ability to make us laugh. Whether they’re watching fireworks or sucking on a lemon for the first time in their lives, they'll undoubtedly have a hilarious reaction. But this time it’s a baby girl’s reaction to trying soda for the time and it’s honestly one of the best videos on the internet right now. She’s shocked, she’s amused, she is all of us when it comes to sipping our favorite caffeinated beverages.

As The Daily Mail reported, the cute baby in the video is named Evie. In the 18-second clip, the little girl is given a McDonald’s cup and takes a small sip of the soda inside. Almost instantly, Evie scrunches her face — as you imagine how a baby would react to something sour like a lemon — her eyes begin to twitch, and she then throws her head back from what’s likely an intense surge of carbonation and sugar all at once.

Moments later, little Evie lets out a quick giggle and sits back up, looking at her parents with a face of pure joy. In a matter of seconds, she’s having another swig of the fizzy drink.

It’s not clear from the video how much of the soda Evie drank, but oh my goodness, she looks hooked. See for yourself in the video below:

For parents wondering if it's safe for them try this experiment and see if their little one will have a similar reaction, nutritionists say “it's unlikely that an occasional sip of soda, as a treat, will be harmful to your child,” according to Dr. Sears from

According to the same article, Sears added a bit of context behind little Evie's reaction to soda: "Caffeine causes a buzz to children's brains at a time in their development when many are already dubbed 'hyperactive.' The high the child gets from a jolt of caffeine is often followed by a low with consequent mood swings the rest of the day."

While this video serves as a funny example of a baby trying something for the first time, soda should not be a part of a growing baby's diet. According to, regular soda consumption can lead to childhood obesity, diabetes, and a suppressed appetite, making kids less likely to eat nourishing foods.

But, as they say, everything in moderation is a usually good rule to live by. And one day, little Evie will live and learn just like the rest of us. Until then, we can keep watching this hilarious video on repeat.