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12 Baby Names Similar To Claire, For Your Naming Inspiration

by Lindsay E. Mack
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Choosing the right name for your kid is one of the most exciting parts of becoming a new parent. It can also cause a bit of stress, because there are so many great names available. Thankfully, these baby names to consider if you like Claire are all gorgeous choices. Plenty of other names have a similar vibe.

Meaning clear or bright, the name Claire has a French origin, according to She Knows. It's also wildly popular. For 2017, Claire was the #49 most popular girls name in the U.S., according to Nameberry. So it's totally understandable if you love the name, but don't want to use it for your kid. Maybe a close friend or family member already has a baby Claire, or maybe you just want something a little different. Whatever the case, these similar names are also worth your consideration. And remember that you can always use Claire as a middle name if you're still stuck on that name.

Drawing inspiration from celebrities, baby name sites, and pop culture, these names are all pretty cool in their own right. Some are as popular as Claire, while others are a bit more under-the-radar. It's a fun mix. Read on to find the perfect name for your baby.



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Hey, it's about as similar to Claire as you can get. The name Clara also means clear, bright, or famous, as explained in Behind the Name. Current celebrities with the name include Clara Lee, the Korean-American model and actress, as noted in IMDB. The alternate spelling, Klara, is of course just as pretty (but slightly less Claire-like).



A name meaning strong or joy, Caroline is a beautiful moniker, as noted in She Knows. It's a classic and fitting name for any kid. (And just think of what'll happen every time she walks into a bar with "Sweet Caroline" on the jukebox.) Plus, it can be shortened to Carol in a pinch.



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Derived from the Greek word for maiden, Cora is a beautiful name with a long history, as noted in Baby Name Wizard. Current celebs with the name include model Cora Emmanuel. Maybe because of its similarity to the word "coral," this one sounds perfect for an ocean princess (or a Little Mermaid character?).



Also spelled Khloe, the name means blooming, as noted in Baby Center. It references the fertility goddess Demeter. Will your girl to grow up more like Chloe Sevigny or Khloe Kardashian? No doubt she'll go on to define her name on her own terms, which is exactly as it should be.



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Meaning whole or universal, the name Emma has been favored for hundreds of years, as noted in Behind the Name. And thanks to current celebs like Emma Watson, it looks like this lovely name will never go out of style. (Emma is also a lovely choice for a middle name.)



The French cognate of Mary, the name Marie could have many meanings, as explained in Baby Name Wizard. It might reference a "wished-for child" or "lady of the sea", which are both lovely thoughts. If you're a Francophile family, this could be the pick for you. (Other ideas: Maria, Mariah, Moira.)



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Honestly? This name is on my short-list of favorites, in part because it can be shortened to Abby or Gabby. At any rate, the name Abigail means father's joy, as explained in She Knows. Current celebs with the name include actress Abigail F. Cowen of Stranger Things and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fame.



The feminine form of Oliver, Olivia references the olive tree, as explained in Baby Center. It's a peaceful name for a chill kid, as well as a beautiful name for a beautiful woman (think Olivia Hussey or Olivia Harrison). Then, of course, there's Olivia the Pig, the feisty pink heroine of a gorgeous children's book series.



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Meaning "pure," the name Kate is a classic choice, as noted in She Knows. And as far as famous Kates are concerned, look no further than the Duchess of Cambridge herself. "Kate" is typically short for "Katherine," which can also be abbreviated as Kat, Katy, Katie... and every take on this name is gorgeous.



If you want to keep up the French vibes, then this is a lovely choice. Plus, the name Amelie means work, as explained in Nameberry. It's a strong choice.



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The name Lucie is derived from lux, the latin word for light, as noted in Baby Name. Many people, including the actress Lucie De La Falaise, wear the name well. Lucie, of course, is the preferred spelling of those aforementioned Francophiles, but you can also go with "Lucy" instead (after all, don't we all love her?).



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The French variation of the name Violet, this is another gorgeous choice. Famous people with the name include Violette D'urso, a model profiled in Vogue Paris. Whatever you choose, though, your baby's name will be perfect, especially because it will bring to mind some of the most adorable little purple flowers on the entire planet.

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