Need Another Reason To Love "Baby Shark"? It Helped A Toddler Brave Getting Stitches

It's no secret in my house that I am not a fan of "Baby Shark." There's something about the endless repetition of the song and the animated characters that just irks me. But even I have to admit the viral song's usefulness after "Baby Shark" helped a toddler getting stitches by providing the perfect do-do-distraction.

A 3-year-old girl named Katelyn Lyman had a serious boo-boo after hitting her chin on a windowsill at home in Mansfield, Texas, as local news station NBCDFW reported. Her parents rushed her to Methodist Mansfield Medical Center Emergency Room and from there, doctors determined that the little girl needed six stitches across the wound, according to CBS-DFW. Understandably, she was frightened at the thought of getting stitched up. But thanks to some quick thinking on her mom's part and a little help from the friendly hospital staff, Lyman was able to conquer her fears.

Lyman's mom, the nurses, and even her doctor all began singing "Baby Shark" to her to help distract the little girl from the stitches, according to MSN. Meanwhile, her dad — who is a police officer in the area — caught the whole thing on film. The emergency room visit happened back in July, but the sweet video has only recently been posted to the Methodist Mansfield Medical Center and has since made headlines.

The video of Katelyn's chorus singing "Baby Shark" to her has racked up more than 16,000 views on the hospital's Facebook page. One of the nurses seen in the video commented on the post, saying the young girl "was so brave! She did a great job!" Many of the other comments included praises of the hospital staff and Lyman. The hospital's post also explained that Physician Assistant Richard Garcia, who is also featured in the video, won a "Physician Star Award" for making Katelyn comfortable during while she received her sutures.

"Baby Shark" has practically taken over the child music world and this isn't the first time that it has been used for medical purposes. In a video that went viral back in March, a toddler can be seen demonstrating proper CPR technique to the beat of "Baby Shark." Dad Chris Pietroforte — who owns and operates his own CPR training facility in California — told Inside Edition that his then-3-year-old daughter, Saige, learned CPR at the age of 2 thanks to the popular song, according to USA Today. "I tell people all the time, if a 2-year-old can learn, why can’t you? So there’s no excuse for that," Pietroforte said, according to Fatherly. "My goal is to get as many people out there trained. ... And the more people trained, the better it is out there for society."

OK, so between helping toddlers brave the terror of stitches to teaching them how to administer lifesaving CPR, I guess I can jump on board with the whole "Baby Shark" craze. And, yeah, the fact that my kid can't get enough of it is a bit of selling point, too.