Fingers Crossed These Baby Shark PJs Will Motivate Your Kid To Stay In Their Own Bed

Sometimes, I think I can hear the "Baby Shark" song in my sleep. Even after all these months of popularity, my kids will still randomly start to sing the song. That's why I love the idea of "Baby Shark" pajamas for the whole family, because if I have to hear the song over and over again, I may as well lean into it.

Also, my son is 11 years old, and I can just picture his face as he sees that our family holiday card photos will feature all of us in our matching "Baby Shark" pajamas. That alone is worth the price of entry, if you ask me. Ahhh, tween mortification. It's a thing of beauty. (No one but family and very close friends get the pics, so his reputation at school as an aloof super gamer and phone unlocker will remain solid.)

There are also a range of adorable "Baby Shark" costumes just for babies, as well. That includes the ever-so-convenient zip-up variety for middle of the night changes. Because, let's face it, a cute face only gets you so far at 3 a.m. when your baby shark has taken a not-so-baby sized poop in their jammies, and they're now swimming in it. Do do do do do do.


Brother Shark

This is a whole series of shirts designed to be worn as matching pajamas as per their description. They are emblazoned with the shark and the song, and being printed on a black background, they are simple enough that they could even be worn on a trip to an amusement park.

Because there are also "auntie shark" and "uncle shark" on top of nana, grandma, grandpa, and everyone else in the family, these would be absolutely hilarious for a photo op or family reunion.


Sister Shark

Is it weird if I make my sister and sisters-in-law all wear this and then go to the club? And by club I mean Target. Because we're in our 30s, and a cool pumpkin latte accompanied by long dances through the housewares section is really all we can get away with at this point. We can't even pretend to be cool.

The shirts will just add to the effect, right?


Baby Shark Two-Piece

How cute are these PJ sets? You know that with the snug fit, these toddler pajamas will have optimal baby belly and baby chub thigh display for maximum cuteness. I can just picture my 11-month-old nephew toddling around in these pajamas, dancing to the Laurie Berkner band or the theme to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's almost too cute to imagine.



Sometimes, a nightgown is just easier. When it comes to nightwear, I can fully understand the "no pants are the best pants" line of thought. It's comfortable, breezy, and easier when you go to the bathroom. A total win when you are potty training your child. Trust me.


Short Sleeves

Sometimes it's too warm for long sleeved shirts, or your kid just doesn't like it. This set is perfect because it has both. Also, the tee and gray pants could be worn on their own outside. They do not necessarily need to be worn as pajamas. That's pretty clutch on laundry day.



Honestly, this is mostly a plea for my children not to somehow end up in just their underwear in the middle of the night. It's something that my kids do regularly. I don't know how they manage to go to bed in a full set of pajamas, and yet waddle to the breakfast table bedecked only in their superhero underoos. I mean, really, when does it happen?