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Biossance's Parent Company Launched A Baby Skincare Brand That's Super Clean & Gentle

Anyone who's ever been anywhere near a baby knows that their skin is just incredible — so wonderfully soft and smooth. But keeping it that way can take a little bit of work on mom's and dad's part. The new baby skincare brand Pipette is hoping to be the go-to line for parents who want products that are clean, green, and super gentle on that precious baby skin.

The star ingredient in Pipette products is a natural substance called squalane, which is derived from Brazilian sugarcane (and sustainably harvested, of course). The brand explains that squalane is already found naturally in skin, which mean it's compatible with even the most sensitive baby skin. Pipette uses other natural ingredients like calendula, winter cherry, and pomegranate sterols as well. All the products are tested by dermatologists and are pediatrician approved. In addition to being totally nontoxic, Pipette is also cruelty-free: there are absolutely no animal products, and it's completely vegan. If you want only the gentlest lotions, oils, and cleansers for your little one, Pipette's definitely a strong contender.

Pipette is offering seven different products at launch time. There's a baby shampoo and body wash, lotion, oil, baby wipes and balm, plus belly butter and belly oil for postpartum mamas. The products are pretty affordable, with prices ranging from $4 (for the wipes) to $20 (for the belly oil). If you want to go all out while saving a bit in the process, you can pick from a few different bundles, like the Baby Essentials kit ($44).

Courtesy Pipette

The Pipette website touts "gentle formulas with strict standards," and they're not exaggerating about the strict part. You won't find any parabens, sulfates, or synthetic scents in Pipette products, and that's just a small sampling of the banned list. The brand adheres to Environmental Working Group (EWG) guidelines, and refuses to use over 2,000 chemicals that could potentially be toxic (you can check out the ingredient page to see why some chemicals get a thumbs down from Pipette). For a little comparison, the brand also offers this stat: just 12 chemicals are actually officially banned in skincare products in the U.S.

You might end up wanting to borrow these products for yourself, but luckily, you don't have to — there's an adult version, too. The company behind Pipette, Amyris, launched Biossance in 2016, and it got a glowing review from Allure when it became available in Sephora stores.

You can score the new baby goodies now at, but they'll be available online in the coming weeks at,,, and Ordering from the Pipette website will score you free shipping on orders over $45, and there's one more nice perk, too: the site offers "green returns," which means you can get a store credit within 30 days for any product you're unhappy with, without having to send it back (which reduces shipping and packaging waste). You still have the option to send your item back for a refund, if you prefer to go that route.