Hello, I Will Take 100 Boxes Of This Marshmallow Cereal Shaped Like Baby Yoda

by Cat Bowen

It was only a matter of time before Baby Yoda made his way into your breakfast. With the popularity of The Mandalorian, and the fascination with the character, I'm honestly a little surprised it took General Mills this long to make one. But now, Baby Yoda cereal is here, and it has marshmallows, and I just need all the boxes.

The cereal releases at Sam's Club in late July and at Walmart in mid-August, and is made of crunchy corn puffs and sweet marshmallows shaped like The Child. Sam's Club will sell two-bag box packs for $6, so it's not a pricey cereal, which is good, because it looks like something my kids will eat by the handful all day long.

Now that Baby Yoda cereal is here, it almost completely soothes my sweets need. There is both a sugary snack, and something shaped like an adorable alien stealing the entire world's heart. What could be sweeter?

If you're worried about giving your kids sweet cereal, do what I used to do when I cared more — half of the bowl can be this, and half can be plain old Cheerios. It's less sugar, still tasty, and you feel like you've done your good deed for the day. My kids are 9 and 12, and they aren't so easily hoodwinked anymore to believe that's how everyone eats their cereal. But, it will probably still work for you. (But no one says you have to eat it like that if the kids aren't looking.)