Now You Can Sip Hot Beverages Like Baby Yoda *In* A Baby Yoda Tervis Tumbler

by Cat Bowen

If you're not obsessed with Baby Yoda, then I'm pretty sure you aren't breathing. He's the cultural juggernaut we need and do not deserve. There's limited Baby Yoda merch currently, because he was a closely guarded secret before the release, but now there are Baby Yoda Tervis tumblers and I plan on buying a few and using only them for my beverages for the rest of my life. (Or until they become warped — whichever comes first.)

These Baby Yoda Tervis tumblers come in multiple sizes and prints, and they don't actually call them "Baby Yoda" mugs. Tervis has named them Mandalorian "The Child" prints. It sounds cute, but also vaguely ominous. On the tumblers are some prints that look like stills from the series as well as more cartoonish images that tempt buyers with even more whimsy. Available in 16, 20, and 24-ounce cup sizes, in plastic or stainless steel, these cups are absolutely perfect for everyone.

I don't care if you don't love Star Wars or watch The Mandalorian. I don't even care if the person you're buying it for has never even witnessed the miracle of his visage. The cuteness of Baby Yoda is one of the world's few universally-recognized truths.

Your mug would be a meme. Think of the Instagram possibilities. Picture it: you at your desk, cup in hand, the whole place is quiet. You take a sip and a pic and caption it, "That look when everyone is staring at your cup, but you're just thinking about the guy who CC'd the whole building his Tinder profile."

Instant magic.

Plus, it's environmentally friendly. Sure, it's no Hydro flask, and you're no VSCO girl, but you are a person totally willing to make it appear as though you're super environmentally conscious, while also blasting your geek beacon for everyone to notice. Suddenly, you're invited to the ultra secret company Settlers of Catan tournament, and a 16-sided die makes its way onto your desk, followed by a dancing Groot, a Captain Marvel mousepad, and Lore Olympus wallpaper on your computer.

It all works out better than you could have possibly imagined, and it all started because you fell in love with a tiny, long-lived Jedi who is just trying to make it in the galaxy, but is really having a rough time. Baby Yoda, as it turns out, it all of us. Why not show him off as our mascot with hot tea in a Tervis tumbler?