'Stranger Things' Fans Can't Get Enough Of Babysitter Steve

There were a lot of great things about Stranger Things Season 2. Eleven's "bitchin'" makeover, everything involving Dustin, Hopper's dance moves, and so much more. But what really caught fans' attention was Steve Harrington's character development from the neighborhood bad boy to a babysitter extraordinaire for the kids. Naturally, this led to a number of Babysitter Steve memes from Stranger Things Season 2, proving once and for all that this character is the father figure we never knew we needed.

During the second season, Nancy and Steve's relationship went completely downhill after she got drunk at a Halloween party and basically told Steve their relationship was "bullsh*t". They broke up shortly afterwards, but Steve wanted to try and make it work and went to Nancy's house with a bouquet of flowers. However, instead of finding Nancy, he found Dustin who needed a friend to help him take care of Dart, the baby Demogorgon. Thus began quite possibly the best new friendship to come out of Season 2.

From then on, Steve became the babysitter of the kids. He took the reigns when he, Dustin, Max, and Lucas faced off against the demodogs. He then told Nancy to trust him with the kids and go be with Jonathan as he and Joyce attempted to get the Shadow Monster out of Will. Steve even admitted that he turned out to be a better babysitter than a boyfriend, though I'm sure many fans would disagree with that sentiment now that he's completely redeemed himself. Regardless, he was put in charge of the kids and took his duties very seriously, protecting them from Max's stepbrother Billy (kind of), and leading the way into the Upside Down. He even was Dustin's ride to the Snow Ball at the end of the season finale and gave him some very useful hair tips.

Babysitter Steve is the character fans can't help but love, and now they can't get enough of him. Here a just a few of the incredible memes fans have made so far.

He's The Tallest Member Of His New Friend Group

This is what happens when all your friends are still in middle school.

Steve Is Our New Favorite Soccer Mom

Steve's glow up from regular teen to soccer mom is so real.

He Now Has Six Kids

Getting six kids in the span six days really changes you.

He's Basically The Mother Duck

Someone has to lead these kids; why shouldn't it be Steve?

Seriously, These Kids Will Follow Him Anywhere

Although the kids definitely questioned Steve's authority, in the end they realized it was probably best to just listen to him.

He Has The Look Down Pat

Either way you look at it, he's clearly the newest parent on the show.

Steve The Babysitter Is Also A Working Title

Steve took his babysitting responsibilities very seriously.

Honestly, Babysitter Steve Is A Gift

Look at Steve leading his pack of kids.

Adventures In Babysitting: Steve Edition

Imagine a spin-off where Steve just babysits the kids. I need it!

Hopper Wasn't The Only One To Adopt A Kid This Season

The best way to get over a break-up is to adopt some kids, apparently.

Steve's Love For The Kids Went From 0 To 100 Real Quick

Steve didn't mean to fall in love with the children, it just sort of happened.

Steve's Senior Quote Is Iconic

Excuse me, he actually has six kids so someone correct this.

The Real Summary Of Stranger Things Season 2

Did anything else even happen these season? I could've sworn it was just about Steve's budding friendship with the kids.

Here's Raw Footage Of Steve Taking Care Of The Kids

Points to whoever can spot the Demogorgon in these photos.

The Moms On Stranger Things Are Truly Iconic

If there's a moms club on Stranger Things, Steve should definitely get membership.

The Only Dads Who Matter This Season

Besides Lucas' dad, the other dads were pretty terrible this season, which made Steve's new role not only adorable, but necessary.

If you haven't seen Babysitter Steve in action, you can see him in Stranger Things Season 2, which is now streaming.

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