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Bachelorette Emily Maynard Welcomes Her Third Child With Adorable Instagram Post

Bachelor Nation just got a little bit bigger as Bachelorette Emily Maynard welcomed her third child on Saturday. Johnson's son, who she had with her husband Tyler Johnson, was announced with an Instagram post (because how else, really?) that read, “Oh heavenly day… God is good! {Ricki and I are officially outnumbered!}," referring to her 11-year-old daughter that she had from another relationship. She still hasn't released her infant's name, which is pretty common for the star, who has remained private about the details of her pregnancy.

Maynard previously had been reluctant to reveal the baby's gender, so at least her fans can now celebrate knowing that. In addition to her new son and Ricki, Maynard and Johnson also have a 14-month-old son named Jennings Tyler, so she's right about her crew getting bigger and bigger. Outnumbered or not, the whole family looks psyched and healthy huddled around their mom and the newest member of their clan.

She and Johnson were married in 2014. Ricki's dad, former NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick passed away in 2004 in a plane crash. She gave birth to Jennings last July and joked in a People blog that she should have remembered that she would be "super fertile" after giving birth.

She had also told E! News that she felt like she had just had Jennings, "last week." Maynard told E! News that she wasn't particularly planning on a certain gender since she already was lucky enough to have one of each. "As an adult, there are few surprises that you truly get and I just thought it would be fun and it's been really exciting. I haven't gone to my doctor and begged him to tell me yet," she said.

Maynard added, "I feel like as long as its healthy, we'll be happy." She definitely, judging by the Instagram post, got her wish. Jennings looks a little worried in the pic about losing his place as the youngest dude in the house, and that's something the Bachelorette contestant admitted she felt bad about. “I’m sure he’ll have no clue what’s going on, [but] I feel a little guilty just because he didn’t get to be the baby for very long!” she wrote in her blog.

Maynard said that she's looking forward to the "chaos" of two new babies and Ricki, but she's also keeping an open mind about taking it easy. She's written extensively about her struggles with post-partum depression after having Ricki as a teen. "I really have no concept of what it will be like," she told People. "There will be good days and bad days, but I know it will work out. And I’m just looking forward to watching them all grow up together," she said.

That's a good attitude for a new mom — especially with two of them still in diapers. Congrats (and good luck wishes) are in order for then Maynard-Johnson family.