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All The Nostalgic Barbie Merch You Can Only Get From Their 60th Anniversary Truck

As an ongoing celebration of Barbie’s 60th anniversary, the iconic toy brand is going on tour, and they've got an official Barbie's "Totally Throwback Tour" truck that's stocked with exclusive merch. It's basically a collection of late '80s and early '90s Barbie accessories you never knew you needed — until now. Everything from fanny packs and t-shirts to nail polish and totes are available on the Barbie truck for the most loyal fans.

The Barbie truck mades its debut at the Barbie Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, on July 31, 2019. The largest gathering of Barbie Doll collectors in the world, the Barbie Convention attracts fans of all ages, and they'll get to be first to get a glimpse of the Barbie truck and its retro-inspired, radical gear in person.

After the convention, the official launch event for the tour will happen at The Grove in Los Angeles, California this September, with the full tour scheduled for 2020. At this time there are Barbie truck tour dates scheduled for 2019 and 2020 (TBD whether or not it will repeat in 2021). In other words, don't despair if your city isn't in this first round, because Barbie just might make it to your part of the world a little later. Chances are, you and your kids will be able to experience the Barbie world like never before when the truck rolls into your town. That said, pics of the exclusive Barbie truck merchandise are already available, and everything is just as fun and bright as you'd expect.

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If you're a fan of all things Barbie, here are some of the cutest themed pieces to be found only on the Barbie truck.


Boombox Vinyl Shopper Tote

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Featuring an iconic boombox outline, as well as a "cassette deck" inner pouch, the boombox vinyl shopper tote ($30) is super rad. Yes, this Barbie gear has cranked the nostalgia factor up pretty high.


Jean Dad Hat

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With the Barbie logo on full display, the denim dad hat ($18) is a wardrobe essential. Shield your eyes from the sun and rock your Barbie love all at the same time.


Vinyl Fanny Pack

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Of course there's a fanny pack included with this collection. And actually, this iridescent fanny pack ($20) is pretty darn cute. The Barbie logo around the waistband is a nice touch.


Patch Set

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This intensely nostalgic patch set ($12) features some iconic moments from Barbie's history. You can add them to the denim hat or jacket for a little extra pop of color.


NCLA Barbie & Ken Nail Set Duo

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A pair of pink and blue Barbie and Ken nail polishes ($30) give you so many styling options. Oh, and the cosmetics brand NCLA has partnered with Barbie on several other products, including the super-cute Barbie Convertible Jelly Balm.


Barbie Logo Necklace

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Featuring a laser etched Barbie logo, this iridescent acrylic necklace is $13, so you can wear your Barbie love with pride.


Cosmetic Case

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At $16, this iridescent blue Barbie cosmetic case can hold your essentials. And seriously, how cute would the Barbie nail polishes look tucked away in here?


Denim Jacket (& More)

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At $50, the distressed denim jacket would make a wonderful gift for any Barbie fan. Plus, this isn't the end of the Barbie truck products at all. There's also a cassette tape wallet ($15) and a sugar cookie set ($13) featuring fantastically retro Barbie icons. What other treasures are part of this 60th anniversary celebration? You'll have to visit Barbie's "Totally Throwback Tour" truck and see for yourself.